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Ten Grand #3 - Dark and Terrible Things Review


We know that Joe is a "button man," but there might be some problems that are just too big to button down...

The Good

TEN GRAND forges ahead, this time bringing us closer to Joe by revealing more about his past. In the wake of last month's deadly ending-and-beginning for Joe, there's some reflecting to do.

In case it hasn't hit yet, the cycle is really important here, and Straczynski throws us some allusions to really drive the point home. The "Mother And Child Reunion" mention is especially clever; couching a chicken-and-egg comparison in a Paul Simon reference makes it a more natural part of the dialogue, but doesn't go so subtle as to miss the point. Dropping things back to an older flavor of pop culture, the Divine Comedy imagery is heavy (and has been since Issue #1). Laura is Joe's heavenly Beatrice, and he's caught in the worst sort of Purgatorial cycle on his way to her. TEN GRAND has the unexpected side effect of making me want to catch up on my Dante.

The flashback sequence has the emotional impact of a hammer wrapped in velvet; on the surface, it's a sweet memory of Joe's courtship of Laura, but every piece of their story -- from his overzealous gifts to win her affection to his genuine change in nature (and career) -- shows just how important this woman is. Since we're in pulpy noir territory, that naturally means that something awful is about to happen to her, and we learn that things are worse than just the pain of five-minutes-in-heaven (he's even shorted the proverbial seven by two minutes!) followed by grueling duty until next-death.

I waxed poetic about it in my review of Issue #1, but I'm still fascinated by the art on this book. It's so textured, so infused with emotion, so right for this story. Stylistically, it's anything but mainstream, but this isn't exactly a mainstream book, and I'd probably be disappointed with anything other than Templesmith's gorgeous, evocative painting.

The Bad

The morgue sequence felt off; it's clear from the soul-stone-destroying power blast that there was something significant going on, but I can't really discern what that was supposed to be. Up until the moment of the surge, it seemed like the morgue was going to be a dead end, and I can't help but feel like Joe's attempt to communicate with Sarah's soul echo was a waste of time. (Sound off in the comments if you see something in this that I didn't; I'm fully prepared to be wrong here!)

The Verdict

It all comes down to the last five pages. They're beautiful to look at, and they're a game-changer for the story; a slow-motion sequence of the stakes raising even higher for Joe. I have to find out what's next, because this isn't flashback, this isn't resolved, and if they've done nothing else, JMS and Templesmith have gotten me really attached to Laura and her ending.

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Totally agree, the last 5 pages are beautiful ! As for the morgue, I didnt really think of it as a waste of time, more of just detective work , that leads to a dead end, but it also shows some more of his ability to communicate with the dead, and the way he did it I bet will come back in another issue in a big way, and this was more of a set up. That is just my theory tho, great review !

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Posted By longbowhunter

My favorite book this week. We really got to know Joe and Laura here and that makes it all the more tragic. This has become one of the titles I most look forward to every month.

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Posted By Dud317

This books continues to kill it. Noting what was said in the comments of issue 1, they'll continue to tell the story as long as its relevant. This story broadens and deepens with each issue, hopefully indicating the necessity of more than just a 5 or 6 issue mini-series.

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Posted By RideASpaceCowboy

@longbowhunter said:

My favorite book this week. We really got to know Joe and Laura here and that makes it all the more tragic. This has become one of the titles I most look forward to every month.

Same here. ComicVine seriously needs to do more to evangelize this book.

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Really enjoying this story and art.

I hope it holds up for 10 issues in this arc.

Cant wait to read this one. Maybe delivered tomorrow


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Posted By skyjumpermike

The art is acceptable, but I really love the story.

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Posted By Om1kron

Love this book, things are about to get real in the coming issues.

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Loving this book more and more