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Talon #0 - The Long Run Review


It's time to meet Calvin Rose, a former Talon of the Court of Owls. Determined to escape from their ranks, we get to see a different part of the Bat-Universe.

The Good

It's strange and refreshing to see a Batman-related title not feature a previous existing Bat-character. While there are plenty of missing Bat-Family members we'd love to see in their own book, TALON is shaping up to deliver an interesting different perspective on recent events.

The Court of Owls proved to be a major problem for Batman. It's almost unfathomable to grasp the notion of events occurring without Batman's knowledge but Scott Snyder made it work. Now with James Tynion IV co-plotting and doing the writing, we get to see dealings with the Court from a different perspective.

A zero issue is the perfect place for the introduction to Calvin Rose, a former Talon for the Court. He doesn't have quite the origin we've seen many times before. He may have some roots in Batman's world but it's not a case of his parents getting killed or a need for vengeance that molded Calvin into who he will become. That alone is reason enough to not automatically lump this title with the other Batman books.

Now that we know the truth behind the Court and Haly's Circus, we see them here in a completely different light. You can't ask for a better antagonist than a bunch of old creepy and powerful men in equally creepy owl masks. Of course it's not all men involved with the Court. Wait until you see a scene in a certain familiar labyrinth.

There's still an eerie feeling that Calvin is on the run from the Court. Despite Guillem March's previous work on BIRDS OF PREY and CATWOMAN, this title still maintains a clear and distinctive feel from the other Bat-titles.

The Bad

With an interesting set up and great opportunities to look at Batman's greatest threat, the real test will be the direction this series takes. Calvin on the run from the Court will be extremely interesting and seeing their ties and reach to other corners of the DC Universe will be great. Hopefully there will be more than just Calvin dealing with their threat. We have a great first issue. We'll have to wait and see if Calvin has a motive other than simply run and survive the Court of Owl's grasp.

The Verdict

This might be the first Batman spin-off title that doesn't feel like a Batman spin-off. Seeing the origin and a flashback to Calvin Rose, the only Talon to escape from the Court of Owls. Seeing the Court, possibly Batman's greatest nemesis now, is strange and fascinating at the same time. Calvin isn't the typical Batman Universe character and it's going to be great to see what, if any, interaction they have. The idea of Calvin traveling to other areas of the DC Universe as he runs from the Court offers many possibilites. The real question is will this be the only focus of the series? With James Tynion IV showing what he can do in the writing department on his recent Batman back ups and with Scott Snyder co-plotting, we should be confident that there is a lot of stories to be told. Guillem March even offers a hand in creating a look and feel for Calvin's area of the DC Universe. The next issue should be Intriguing in seeing what Calvin will be up to in the present day New 52 Universe.