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Superman Unchained #2 - The Fall Review


Superman continues his fight against a new terrorist group. Also, what is Lex Luthor up to? For that matter, what about General Lane? Superman's going to be pretty busy.

The Good

We all know Superman is capable of incredible feats. This is something Scott Snyder sets out to demonstrate immediately in the opening pages. The problem is, how do you show Superman doing something super that we haven't already seen many times? Snyder manages to come up with a scenario. This is something we should see from time to time - Superman saving lives. He has to be able to go up against incredible odds and beat them. What makes this scene even better is hearing what's going through his mind. We've seen glimpses before but you never really think how his thought process must actually be like in the thick of things. The way Snyder breaks it down is pretty cool.

Jim Lee captures it all with ease. You'll also notice the inks by Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair's colors. I'm really digging the red and blue streaked effects when Superman is flying. During the action scene, we get a nice variety in shots, some close and some pulled back. With Jim Lee on board, people are going to expect a visual feast and that's exactly what he gives.

Snyder mixes things up by giving us big action as well as some more personal moments. Who doesn't want to see Snyder writing a scene with both Superman and Batman? It's great to see that Superman knows when he needs to seek advice. And if it gives Lee a chance to draw some Batcave scenes, all the better.

Along with all this, there is the mysterious figure we got a glimpse of last issue. Things are definitely heating up.

Let's not forget the two cool back up pages with art by Dustin Nguyen!

The Bad

In the scene with Bruce and Clark was a little distracting. Bruce ended up looking more like Superman than Clark did.

Solicit information always changes, that's understandable. It's just unfortunate that it mentions Jimmy taking center stage in the backup but it's actually Batman (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

The issue had some great scenes but they almost felt as if they were mashed together. Superman went from scene to scene and it lacked a tiny bit of cohesion. What exactly is Lex up to?

This issue needs more Lois.

The Verdict

The action is heating up as the threats are forming to give Superman a difficult time. Having more than one threat forming is great as Superman should have more than one problem going on due to his vast powers and abilities. Scott Snyder gives a unique voice to Superman as we get to go into his thinking process during catastrophic moments. Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair wrap up the story in a beautiful package. There's a lot going on and Snyder is setting up multiple threats for Superman. Seeing characters such as Batman, Lois and Lex make it even more exciting. We're still seeing some set up in the big picture but it's shaping up to be a crazy ride, one fans will not want to miss.