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Superman Annual #2 - The Last Byline; The World of Krypton, Part 4: Eradication Review


Great news everyone! Lois Lane gets the spotlight. But what's with the title, "The Last Byline"? Uh oh?

The Good

I really like Superman. Sometimes I have to wonder if I like Lois Lane more. They are two completely different characters and can't really be compared but perhaps it's because Lois is often under utilized that I find her much more fascinating.

The good news is, Lois gets the spotlight in this annual. This is something I've been longing for for years. This is a good example of how Lois could be thrown into dangerous situations and shouldn't have to rely on Superman to come to rescue all the time. Although, the way this story ends...

Scott Lobdell has expressed his fondness for Lois. Perhaps it's also that he understands how much she means to many. This story does set things up in a big way for her which will keep us all on the edge of our seats until we find out more. Seeing ties to Grant Morrison's ACTION COMICS was a nice touch as well.

As for the art, how could you not get excited for Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund on this issue? The story has a strange 'classic' feel while still perfectly retaining the New 52 vibe.

The Bad

What's going to happen to Lois? This could be bad. We have to remain hopeful that everything will "work out" in the end.

I'm not the biggest Brainiac fan. He isn't the full focus here but it's enough to make me cringe a little.

I've been very lukewarm to the "World of Krypton" backup stories. While I fully appreciate the point of the stories and am glad to see them, they haven't fully captured my interest. Having Part 4 appear in an annual is something that bothers me. Annuals should be completely self-contained rather than contain a part that forces a reader to buy it in order to get the complete story. They will likely buy the issue regardless but having the option is always nice.

The Verdict

Knowing Brainiac was involved in the story of this annual left me on the fence over reading this right away but finding out Lois Lane plays a huge part in the story is a glorious treat. Lobdell shows us Lois is a character deserving of the spotlight and is more than capable of carrying a story. Let's hope we're able to see more Lois stories soon. Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund's art gives the story a classic feel but also captures the New 52 look from today's comics. There is a backup from "The World of Krypton" those following will want to check out. If you're craving for some Lois Lane action, don't miss out on this.

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Posted by blur1528

I agree completely with the bad. Annuals should be separate. The art team though... I love that they did this annual.

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Posted by darknightspideyfanboy


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Posted by HexThis

I love Lois Lane because her character demands the writer not rest on the laurels of superpowers. She has to find different ways of problem-solving and it's usually pretty entertaining.

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Posted by KeeperWorlds

I hope Lois will not thereby closest person which Superman can not save.

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Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I dunno, I always felt that the detached nature of Annuals is what made them rarely worth getting, but lately DC's been making more of an effort to keep them relevant and I think it's improved them.

However, I agree having the co-feature continue through the Annual is bad, but that's not the real problem. The problem is that this isn't even the Annual for the series World of Krypton is usually in! WoK is from Action Comics, then suddenly Part 4 is in the Superman Annual and not an Action Comics Annual? THAT'S bizarre. It forces you to buy a whole Annual of a series you may not be reading.

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Posted by UltimateSMfan

I really enjoyed this issue,it was great to look at. always love a good Lois story and this didn't disappoint. I was afraid how they were gonna explain the coluan brainiac after what we saw in the first arc of Action but it was explained well. Was a 4 in my eyes too though as a whole cause of the inclusion of the 4th part of the world of krypton story arc. T'was interesting but weirdly placed.

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Posted by Tev18

They are just killing everyone huh?