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Sex Criminals #1 - Suzie Down in the Quiet Review


There comes a time in your life when you discover you are not like others. Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky deliver a different sort of coming of age story.

The Good

This book is probably not what you might think it is. Is there sex in it? To some extent, yes. Is it the focus of the book? Sort of but not really. There is more to the story than just that. There is some depth and plenty of characterization.

Intended to be a 'sex-comedy,' surprisingly, that is put aside for the time being. We are introduced to Suzie. As we see flashbacks to her childhood and when things went wrong in her family (it gets a little dark), she even comments, "The jokes are coming, I promise." Taking this approach may be a risk since it does not establish the sex-comedy vibe but it does succeed in showing Matt Fraction isn't going to try to take the easy way and give us a bunch of sex jokes. That is far from what this comic is going to be.

Chip Zdarsky's art immediately makes this feel like it's in its own little world. And then there's the 'money shot.' When we first see Suzie discover her powers, it's a sight to see. And despite what some might think, it's not in a gratuitous fashion. You'll think they somehow added special FX to your comic and no extra charge.

It shouldn't need to be said but this is not a comic for the youngsters. As mentioned, it's not gratuitous. There is one moment where things are...explained but the presentation is pretty priceless. As the back cover says, this is for "mature readers, duh."

Just be prepared for a different sort of comic book.

The Bad

This is meant to be a sex-comedy. Being the first issue, it is pretty crucial we get some characterization. We need to know who Suzie is. That just means while we get glimpses at the "sex-criminal" activities to come, this is really about Suzie. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. Just know that this issue will not set the tone of the series. And that's okay.

The Verdict

Remember that time you were saying, "Man, I wish I could read a comic book that was different"? There are many different comics with different angles but, down at some level, they have similar themes or origins. That is not the case with SEX CRIMINALS. For a series that will contain sex, crime and humor, this book surprises you by showing just how deep the characterization of Suzie goes. This is not a book that simply relies on the fact it contains the subject of sex in order to arouse curiosity. Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky have created something new and exciting. There are some touching moments that will catch you off guard and you won't know what to expect next.

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Posted By kidchipotle

This was definitely strange, I've never read something like this before and I strangely enjoyed it. But it's so different than what I usually read that I'm going to keep it. I need MORE than just Superhero books so this is a good addition.

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Posted By InFamous_Wolf

This was a little too far out for me.

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Edited By skyjumpermike

Funniest part was the illustration of 'ET The Sex Position'. A girl putting Reece's Pieces in a guys butt.

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Posted By hufnagel0

I dug it more than I thought I would. Wasn't a huge fan of the way the ending abruptly linked back up with the opening, but other than that it was a great introduction to Suzie and to her ability.

Sometimes Fraction is just a bit too "Ain't I witty?" for me on his dialogue, but I didn't have too many of those moments in this book. And the line about putting on your own oxygen mask before your kid's? Goosebumps.

And of course, the colors and swirls in The Quiet were simply beautiful. I found myself forgetting I was reading a comic while just looking at the art. I'd definitely agree with Voleuse that it ain't everybody's cup of tea, but it's worth $3.50 to find out if it's up your alley.

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Posted By gmanfromheck
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Posted By Buddy_Baker

That wasn't like the most significent review ever, but damn, you made me curious, haha.

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Posted By The_Titan_Lord

I'll try reading this up.

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Posted By Avenging-X-Bolt

am i the only one who thinks of Mrs. Wolowitz when i look at this.

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Edited By Dabee

I just noticed, is the cover supposed to look like labia?

Anyway, it looks great. I'm going to buy an extra copy for my friend's 6 year old son.

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Posted By Vaeternus

I already called my local shop to pull it for me, looks good. Had my eye on it for months since I read Sex, which is more of an adult thriller kind of story also by Image. But this has sci-fi written all over it. Well, kind of.

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Posted By Eternelle

@g_man: Absolutely agreed. Loved the first person narrative, as well, it's not always easy to get it right.

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Posted By gmanfromheck

@voleuse: Having something different is great. Yes, it won't be for everyone. But it is nice to get a break from the same old same old.

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Edited By Eternelle

Read this issue earlier today.

Definitely recommend this. It isn't going to be everybody's cup of tea, by any means, but it's a thoroughly enjoyable read.