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Secret Avengers #7 - Watch the Tlöne, Make Things Explode, Get Into Our Zone Review


Here comes a bowl of sunshine, headed your way as Deadpool invades SECRET AVENGERS. Good luck to Hawkeye.

The Good

This series has always danced around with bits of humor while delivering a healthy dose of espionage mixed with a small group of Avengers. With the arrival of Deadpool, and the fact that he kidnapped Hawkeye, things go to a slightly different level.

Ales Kot does a great job in bringing in the wackiness that Deadpool is known for. There's jokes, there's breaking of the Fourth Wall, there's even Hawkeye getting "booped" on the nose. What more could you ask for?

The issue isn't just about Deadpool, Hawkeye, and a bunch of AIM soldiers. There is some follow up on the disappearance of Black Widow, Vladimir the sentient bomb, Nick Fury Jr's fate, and Agent Coulson doing some weird things.

You can tell Michael Walsh is having fun drawing this series. As things get crazier, he keeps pace with Kot's story. You'll marvel at the tiny details such as what the AIM soldiers were doing as the bag over Hawkeye's head was removed, or how well Deadpool can balance an egg on his head, or even the emotion Spider-Woman goes through over dealing with the possible death of a teammate. If that wasn't enough, Matthew Wilson's colors make it all even better.

The Bad

I liked this issue. I liked it a lot. While the humor is welcomed, it did get to be a little too much. Should we blame Kot or should we blame Deadpool? I do love the fact that this comic exists because it stands out and apart from the other Avengers titles. Having Deadpool in the issue is a risky choice because while many do enjoy him, there are also those that are getting a little tired of the vast number of appearances he's racking up these days.

The Verdict

Deadpool invades this title and it goes exactly like you might expect. There is a Deadpool and Hawkeye series coming up and this almost feels like an appetizer for it but more so. Ales Kot takes the opportunity to use Deadpool's wackiness and runs with it. It might be a little too much humor for some but you should be able to appreciate the change of pace compared to some comics. The focus isn't just on Deadpool and Hawkeye as we see the other members and continuations on their plots. Michael Walsh's art is always great to see and Matthew Wilson's colors spice it up nicely. If you're looking for a comic that will bring a smile to your face, this is the one for you. I look forward to this series every month.