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Secret Avengers #1 - Save the Empire Part One of Two Review


The missions continue for the Secret Avengers. It won’t be a secret how much I loved this issue.

The Good

There are a few different Avengers titles. This is more than just another one. Ales Kot was on board towards the end of the previous volume with Nick Spencer and takes over the series. While this may be a new beginning, it does follow up on some of the previous threads.

There's a great feel to the book. As I mentioned, this isn't just another Avengers book. It definitely has a very distinct and separate feel compared to those. The fact that we have an extremely smaller cast of characters. There's also the unification of having Avengers members and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. I'll admit, when we started seeing more of Agent Coulson in comics along with Nick Fury Jr, I wasn't the biggest fan. It is a good way to try to reach those who may have had their start with the characters from the Cinematic Universe or simply haven't read comics in a while. The good news is I kinda love the two in this issue. There's a great report between them and they are in a pretty crazy situation.

They aren't the only ones in a crazy situation. Even though our cast only really consists of Maria Hill and M.O.D.O.K., Black Widow and Spider-Woman, as well as Hawkeye sort of worming his way in, there's a lot going on. Ales Kot gives a great mix of action and the type of humor you'd find in a Marvel Studios movie (although without being too over the top or forced). There's just a really great feel that meshes the spy genre and superhero characters it such a fun way.

I'm super excited for Michael Walsh on this series as well. I've been a huge fan of his work since I first came across it. Walsh and Kot have worked together on the first issue of ZERO and Walsh just finished a stint on THE X-FILES SEASON 10. He jumps in here and doesn't miss a beat.

Aside from the action, humor, and great art, there is also a very interesting story. Things are developing in big ways for these characters and you really feel a darkening cloud arriving overhead as the issue approaches the end.

The Bad

Did we really need a new #1 for this series? No, but it doesn't really matter anymore. It's a great issue full of fun and excitement. That's my main concern--reading a comic and enjoying it immensely.

The Verdict

This new volume of SECRET AVENGERS carries on the tradition of the previous and hits the ground running. Ales Kot has a great feel for the characters and mixes up the action, humor, and adventure. Michael Walsh delivers a great vibe to the story and establishes the tone right away. Reading this series is like getting the best of both worlds. We're getting secret spy missions with some of our favorite Avengers in tow. It's possible this just might become my favorite AVENGERS series.

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Whats with everyone's faces on the cover?

Posted by longbowhunter

I'd like to read this but I can't swing another $3.99 title and I havent read Secret Avengers since Remender's run. Sure I'd be more than a little lost.

Posted by The Stegman

I didn't like the first arc of Secret Avengers, so I'll pass on this.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Is it wrong that I was hoping this would get a one star review? Seriously, my comic book budget is so overtapped already. Oh well, I'll probably check it out and feed the family ramen noodles for dinner. You're killing me Marvel.

Posted by GrenadeFlow

I don't mind that this is relaunching its better than it just ending. I can't wait to pick this up tomorrow.

Posted by fables87

Does Tradd Moore do just the cover art or the internal art as well?

Posted by Cap10nate

I loved the previous volume. I wish that it wasn't so hastily wrapped up once Spencer got the Avengers World job. I felt like there were a lot of items that were meant to be have a larger role like Bucky/Daisy and the Ministers that were cut short to get the revamp.

Posted by ZbvmX

Knew it. lol

Can't wait to read this on Sat.

Posted by consafo80

Gonna give it a go but kinda hope I hate it. My pull list is ridiculous thanks to All-New Marvel Now.

Posted by micah007123

Its settled, just made my pull list

Posted by Maddpanda531

@captainhoopla: Dude, I feel literally the exact same way. It's hard to say "No" to so many promising new releases.

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I gonna try this,.

Edited by TheMantisShrimp

I want to trade wait this but I'm afraid it will get cancelled if not enough people buy the issues. I just got the first trade of the last volume and liked it so far. Plus MODOK is playing a larger role, how can I say no? My pull is big enough as it is and I still want to check out the Electra and Silver Surfer solos.

Edited by JakeN7

@longbowhunter: Why do you think you'd be lost? The two books have nothing to do with eachother. This is the 2nd #1 in over a year. This is as new-reader friendly as it gets.

Posted by longbowhunter

@jaken7: Because I know Kot co-wrote the last arc in vol. 2 and Tony clearly states this issue follows up on those previous threads. So no, it's not as new reader friendly as it gets.

Posted by HumanRocket

That's the one thing I wanted to hear. I didn't want this to feel like all the other Avengers books which is the reason why I dropped Mighty Avengers and Avengers World. I'm so excited about this I'm actually going to the store and getting a physical copy and not the digital one.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by fables87
Edited by longbowhunter

@fables87: I love Tradd Moore. He did my favorite issue of Zero with Kot.

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My wallet achesssss....

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

meh gonna skip it.

Posted by gmanfromheck

@longbowhunter: it's pretty new-reader friendly. The things carrying over are minor things like the group existing and Maria Hill's role. Plus MODOK from the last series. It doesn't ignore what happened before but it's not essential either.

Posted by longbowhunter

@g_man: Good to know. It looks awesome.

Edited by JakeN7

@longbowhunter: Well I didn't read the last volume, but I'm going to go ahead and read this one if it's alright with you. Lol

Sounds like G-Man cleared things up a bit, are you planning on picking it up now by any chance?

Oh, and to clarify my original statement, I meant Remender's run had nothing to do with these past two volumes. So just because you haven't read since then, shouldn't matter in the long run. What year was that anyways? Just curious.

Posted by longbowhunter

@jaken7: Remender's run ended in 2012. Nick Spencer started vol. 2 off with a fresh start later that year I believe. Each new writer does their own take on the team and each run kinda stands on its own. Except in this instance, but Tony seems to think its an ok jumping on point. It's a light week for me so I may pick this up. Ales Kot and Michael Walsh are a creative team that's hard to ignore.

Posted by JakeN7

@longbowhunter: Yeah, the preview pages really reminded me of David Aja's work on Hawguy, right down to Clint's face bandages.

Posted by longbowhunter

@jaken7: Actually, that's the thing that has me most curious. Fraction's Hawkeye and Avengers Hawkeye are like two different characters. I wanna see if they successfully work Hawkguy into an Avengers team. I think it could work well in this setting.

Posted by JakeN7
Posted by Iridium

It's sad how long standing comic book readers/writers have embraced "Nick Fury, Jr."

Edited by Novemberx2

has any issue 1 in the whole MARVELNOW! or ALLNEWMARVELNOW! MARVELNOWER gimmick ever not been given 5 stars?

Posted by Novemberx2

@iridium: well we have no choice... we will always have to remember the time Marvel hamfisted this guy into the universe.

Just whole concept that he was un-experienced and now suddenly is a super spy is mind boggling. If they had just had Ultimate Nick Fury travel and stay in the normal marvel universe it would of made more sense.

Edited by Paste_Pot_Pete

Hmm, I think I'll buy the first issue. That cover is mainly what stopped me.

Edited by daredevil21134

I picked up the first issue and I didn't like it so i'll pass on the rest of the series. Can't stand the way Hawkeye is being written these days

Edited by gothicshieldagent

Thanks Marvel,got the previous Secret Avengers #1 and #2 not long ago! How do any of us keep up?

Edited by Iridium

@novemberx2: I hear ya and quite agree. However we do have a choice. I think it is just indicative of the snowballing nonsense that Marvel is allowing to happen to their print medium. I exercise my choice by spending my money else where.

Hopefully, someday, they will turn it back around ...

Edited by feedonatreefrog

I can't stand this kind of cutesy 'clever' tone.

Posted by Vascillator

Maybe it's not a bad book but compared to the awesome last Secret Avengers arc with Spencer, it comes across like some kind of persiflage. Too many jokes and too whacky art for my taste.

Posted by sparty-dbq

It's getting kind of ridiculous how incompetent they need to make SHIELD look in order to make all the threats in all the different books look viable. That guy should've never passed a background check or psych eval of any kind.

Posted by HumanRocket

That will be three times now that Clint has been nude in comics recently...well 3 and half if you want to count Hawkeye issue 16.

Posted by gmanfromheck
Posted by Owie

It was enjoyable, and I like Walsh. But I agree with those who have commented that there is a bit of a trend at Marvel now to have jokey writing and loose pencils, as in Hawkeye and Foes of Superior Spider-Man. Both those books are great, I'm not knocking them. But I do wonder how much more of a need there is for books like that.

Posted by rac_shade

Loved this issue, Kot & Walsh do an exemplary job on the writing and art, can't wait for more. Nice to see an Avengers team with no heavy hitters on board, loved the general tone of the book, adding to my pull list.