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Saga #8 - Chapter Eight Review


The story of Alana and Marko's first time meeting is revealed. Alana gets to know her father-in-law, and Marko and his mother deal with the Fard.

The Good

SAGA is currently my favorite on-going series. Each issue is better than the last. At no moment have I been disappointed in any way with this series, and this issue is currently my favorite.

What I've loved about this series is that we gradually get bits and pieces of these characters past laced throughout each issue, and in issue 8, we finally get to see how Marko and Alan met, and it's not what you think at all. Aside from how they first met, we get a great sense of who Alana was before these two characters met, and where she was in life, all laced together with some fantastic narration from their daughter, Hazel. I've said it since the earlier issues that Hazel's narration is one of my favorite aspects of this book. I love seeing the point of view from the daughter, far in the future. It's insanely cool.

Alana and Barr, Marko's father, get to know each other well in this issue. This issue contains some pretty awesome moments of two different alien races, who hate each other, getting to know each other on a personal level. This issue makes Barr into a very likable character, since the last one painted him as quite the jerk.

On the flip side of things, Klara (Marko's mother) and Marko get to know the giant Fard and what is happening with Izabel and the planet they are on. While the scenes of Alana and Barr made me feel empathy for Barr, these scenes with Klara and Marko made me start to despise Klara. She's got a lot of anger pent up from things in her past involving Marko, and there's some bigger reveals about everyone's history here as well.

What writer Brian K Vaughan does well here is make every sub-plot and sub-story just as interesting as the main story. I am engrossed into every aspect of this book, and I just want more. Saga is my crack, and I always need a fix.

Here's something you should know by now, artist Fiona Staples is brilliant. Her designs and the world she's created, artistically, are nothing short of phenomenal. She has a large range of things she can do, and somehow they all fit together brilliantly.

The Bad

I have to wait until 1/16 for the next issue.

I want to see more Izabel!

The Verdict

SAGA #8 is pure, 100% awesomeness. It will be no surprise if you see this on the Top of the Pile list for me in December. The story really evolves here as we catch glimpses into Alana and Marko's past, and we get to know Marko's parents a bit more. The writing and art here are top notch, and this is a book you have to start reading, but I recommend you pick up the first trade before diving right in.

Overall, this is a must buy.

SAGA 8 gets 5 Fards out of 5
SAGA 8 gets 5 Fards out of 5