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Saga #5 - Chapter Five Review


Prince Robot IV continues to hunt for Hazel, Alana, and Marko. The Will finds it harder to get the girl out of Sextillion that her originally thought.

The Good

With each issue, we get a little more about each of these characters: Prince Robot IV, Alana, Marko, The Will, and Hazel. Everything about this world and these characters are revealed to us slowly, issue by issue. It gives the book an element of mystery I very much enjoy, instead of dumping everything on you right away, like some series do.

The open page is Prince Robot IV on a toilet. I never thought a splash page of someone pooping could look so good.

Out of the few bits of info about these characters in this issue, we quickly learn you don't mess with Marko and do not threaten the life of his child. This leads to a wonderfully drawn action sequence with some amazing art by Fiona Staples. She's totally become my favorite artist because of this series.

While Hazel, Marko, and Alana continue on their journey, The Will shows he's not the horrible person other claim he is back on Sextillion, and he tries to make amends with Stalk. The last half of the book will put you in shock because it's one heck of an ending.

Because of Brian K. Vaughan's brilliant story and world building, along with Fiona Staples beautiful artwork, this has quickly become my favorite ongoing series. There are so many great things being developed in this book and especially in this issue that really make this something I'm excited for every month it comes out.

The Bad


The Verdict

Saga 5 is the best single issue of a book I've read in quite some time. Obviously, for that reason, it's my pick of the week. However, every time a new issue comes out, it's usually my pick of the week. There's a lot of great development in this issue and a few of these side stories come together. Vaughan's writing and Staples' art make one hell of a creative team here. I can not say enough good things about this issue and this series.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue and this series. I loved it.