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Rust #2 - Secrets of the Cell Review


The story of Jet continues as more pieces of his past are revealed. This is a book you need to see to appreciate its full beauty.

Note: this is a full hardcover with over 200 pages.

The Good

It's hard to believe it's been a year since I reviewed the first volume of RUST by Royden Lepp. The story deals with a world where robots were part of a World War.

In the first volume a mysterious boy with a jetpack (named Jet Jones) was being chased by a giant robot and ends up working on the Taylor farm. The Taylor family is struggling as their father fought in the great war and never returned. Despite being a boy, Jet claims to have fought in the great war as well. That's when we start to uncover the truth.

In this story, we do find out more about Jet's past along with the continuing story of the Taylors. A new face shows up that adds to the mystery and progression of the story.

If you've read any books put out by Archaia, you know they really produce great looking books. The use of sepia tones really gives the book a great and different feel. The lit parts almost looked as if they were actually lighting up each page.

Because of the main focus of the story takes place on the farm, you get an almost simple feel to the story. You're seeing this family trying to get by while glimpses of a bigger world are being mixed in. Being set in this separate world, there's no telling what will happen next. As the attacks happen, you'll be glued to the story.

The Bad

It's not absolutely crucial that you read the first volume to enjoy this one. Obviously it will be a huge help and truly enhance your enjoyment of this book.

Having a year gap since the last volume might also be a slight problem. I loved the first book and still remember it but there were a couple minor details I had to think about in order to recall what has been revealed so far.

The Verdict

This is a great looking book. If you're looking for 'something different,' this is something you should check out. You'll definitely want to read the first volume but you can get by without having read it. This story does continue directly from the first. The use of sepia tones really gives the book a distinct feel and the moments light is involved, the art really pops and shines off the page. Archaia puts out a great printed book but this is also available in chapters on comiXology. RUST is a story you'll want to read and you'll get bummed when you realize you've reached the end of the book.

Here's a few preview pages to get an idea what's inside:

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