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Red Sonja #5 - Sister vs. Sister Review


"You can put your sword down" doesn't really resonate well with Red Sonja.

The Good

First things first: Jenny Frison's cover work stuns; Red Sonja looks both beautiful and strong, and her pose captures the calm before the storm of this issue and the next. Also worth a look: Becky Cloonan's severely badass variant cover, which captures a fiercer side of Sonja.

And on the interior, Sonja is immediately imposing, casting an impressive shadow and inciting calls of "The Devil!" It's perfectly played, since this issue marks the penultimate of the Dark Annisia arc, and has a newly-restored Sonja embarking on a revenge mission; she absolutely should be coming out with guns -- or, swords, as the case may be -- blazing.

Escalation is the name of the game this issue; there's a city held hostage, a gladiatorial stand-off, and a surprise twist at the end. It's quite a lot of action for a single issue, but, more importantly, it's a great set-up for the next. Tensions are razor-sharp, there are multiple villains at play, and Sonja just got her stomach pumped to the max.

The Bad

I may be missing a critical note of Red Sonja's character -- I've admittedly only started the series with this run -- but her rekindled anger over the inaccessibility of alcohol in Patra seems bizarre. Certainly, Sonja is entitled to a beverage or several, but it's an oddly-placed bit of humor in her otherwise-focused journey.

The Verdict

This issue is the serve for Issue #6 to spike; it's an action-packed setup that runs on the momentum of a well-executed first arc, and if the next issue delivers a satisfactory ending, RED SONJA will be cemented as a must-pull series from Dynamite's recent swath of revivals. Simone and Geovani have tackled the title with energy and passion, and bring readers an adventure story as strong as Sonja herself.

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Posted By The_Titan_Lord

Sonja is just hot in this cover.

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Posted By ajshadowhawk

Just read it. I thought it was a pretty fantastic issue. Loved that twist in the end, which was hinted at earlier in the issue. I find that King Dimath was one of the best characters in this arc, despite us not seeing him all that much. Would have liked to see more of his interactions with Sonja and Annisia.

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Posted By WhineHaus

I recently read Rob William's interview with Gail Simone (here on Comic Vine, actually) regarding her treatment of Red Sonja, and she noted that she wanted to "create new facets" of the character without actually reinventing her. One way Simone did sought to do this was by making Sonja a "bit of a drunkard."

This is actually my first dance with Red Sonja, and it has become my favorite title at the moment!

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Posted By MissJ

@metakevin: Ah, that's fair. I don't think I picked up on it!

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Edited By tparks

Red Sonja sounds like a "Bar Star".

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Posted By metakevin

Remember in issue #1? The first time we see Red Sonja in the present she's hungover and looking to drink more. Then when she's near death she wishes she had something to drink. Then, in issue #4, when she's rescued she's drunk most of the time they have her on the stretcher.

Red Sonja likes her some drink.