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Red Robin #25 - 7 Days of Death, Part Three: The Bigger Picture Review


Cassandra vs Tim? is that even a fair fight? How will the new Black Bat and Red Robin get along?

A deadly game of assassination is wrapped up as Tim looks forward to the future. Will he leave Paris with his life?

The Good

I love when the Bat Family outsmarts people. Having them work around the Assassination game that's been going on in recent issues instead of actually causing death is classic.

I really liked the immortal that Tim/Cass got to match wits with; the fact that he/she referred to Vandal Savage as "a bit neolithic" was a highlight.

I like the fact that Tim's become less broody and more independent. When this series started, I was worried it was going to turn into a constant weepfest. I like Tim because even though he has his share of baggage (which will be explored in coming issues), he still manages to be personable and an actual person.

Marcus To's artwork has been a constant highlight of this book, and it continues in this issue. Seeing his take on Tim as Batman Beyond (in a great "considering his future" sequence) was a treat.

The Bad

The only real complaint I had was that the "fake execution" stunt was a little hokey - I mean, really? A collapsible blade?

Also, the way the issue ended left a little to be desired: certain events were just crunched into the last few pages, including a sequence when Tim reveals his new lair. I love those big unveiling scenes, and not giving it its proper space just seemed like a bit of a waste.

The Verdict

It's a pity that this title is going to be gone after the reboot, as I really was a fan. Red Robin, Robin and Nightwing always were enjoyable to me because they took characters that had to live under Bruce's shadow and gave them the room to breathe.

I really hope both Tim and Dick avoid getting lost in the shuffle with the new DCU, and hopefully the spirit of the books will remain.

Posted by doordoor123

I was SO confused about the blade thing. I had to read those pages like ten times before I said "OH!" 
I thought he had a hole in his chest at first because it showed a hole through his chest. I was so confused.  
Cass looks much older though. Its nice.
Posted by goatman2112

love the Damien line on the first page

Edited by JonesDeini

Good to know this arc went somewhere. Was seriously considering dropping this book. Guess I'll be picking up the 3 final issues after all. Gonna really miss Tim's solo title because I'm just not interested in the new Titan's title. 

Posted by Eyz

They do have matching names :'3

Posted by longbowhunter

I too felt too much was shoved in this issue. Tim and Cass in Hong Kong was probably meant to be an arc. Its a shame that only got a few panels. Damn, I'm gonna miss this book, and the suit too.
Posted by Samimista

I haven't read this issue or this book but I really hope Cassandra will be in the reboot.

Posted by jezebel

I really liked that new (think, unless he has appeared in another issue or title) character Cricket.  He seems really fun as a bad guy.  It would be my dream for him and Damian to become arch-enemies. 

Posted by trackstar352

I will miss the red robin series the most when the reboot comes.

Posted by saturnssailor

I guess they just have to cram all of the stuff in so that they can do as much as possible as they wanted considering the next issue is going to be the last. Personally I didn't like Cricket just because I know that he is not going to be explored further so he is just another of the characters who have never appeared before, but still manage to beat the best (I mean Cassandra, not Tim) without any real problem or for any particular reason. If I thought that his character might be explored, that we might get a background, find out more about him, etc. than I would have probably liked him, but with the upcoming not-a-reboot that happening is very unlikely.

Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

great review . I am really upset that this series isn`t going to continue :(