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Night of the Living Deadpool #2 Review


Deadpool's finally found some other survivors, but will they be able to escape from the swarms of zombies?

The Good

Cullen Bunn has really stepped up the laughs with this issue. The last one had a few decent chuckles yet really shined because of the visuals and concept, but this one is absolutely loaded with excellent humor. Bunn gives Deadpool some hysterical remarks -- lines which had me legitimately laughing out loud, mind you -- and the book is overflowing with hilarious references. There's even a... well, "thrilling" easter egg. Then there's the ending. Words can't properly describe how out there this cliffhanger really is. If you thought this book would be about Deadpool bonding with other survivors, you better think again. I fully expect the next issue to be totally absurd but in the best way possible.

While this issue is all about the laughs, there's a surprisingly emotional moment tossed into the mix. It's refreshing to see this series won't be totally bonkers and simply have Deadpool making jokes while slashing apart zombies. His moral compass is still there and it's really a standout moment in an issue filled with so much comedy. It's always great to see a reminder that Wade's so much more than a clown with a healing factor.

Ramon Rosanas' artwork remains awesome. The contrast between a bold Deadpool and a THE WALKING DEAD/Night of the Living Dead-esque black and white world still makes the concept effective. There are moments where you'll actually believe Deadpool's wandering around the same world as Rick Grimes. It's a weird yet fantastic notion. Rosanas also tackles everything in Bunn's script with a commendable amount of detail. Everything from the locations to the cringe-inducing gore impresses.

The Bad

Unlike THE WALKING DEAD(POOL), it's tough to really care about the well being of the other survivors. I know it's an unfair complaint since Bunn is only working with four issues, but he at least counters that in once scene by having a fitting reaction from Wade.

The Verdict

This issue makes it crystal clear this limited-series is going for pure madness and fun. There's definitely some strong character moments for Deadpool and there's certain to be more down the road, but it's obvious Bunn is going for a series that'll make us chuckle and gasp at violence. And I must say, he and Rosanas are most definitely succeeding so far. I really enjoyed the premiere issue, but the high amount of quality comedy and a solid character moment made me fall in love with this one.