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Nailbiter #5 Review


Agent has been found, but he's in rough shape.

The Good

This issue has one fantastic opening. It's a black and white scene, with a dash of red for blood, as Edward Warren AKA The Nailbiter talks to Agent Carroll about the taste of blood, among other things. It really sets the tone for the issue and for who Warren used to be or still could be. Obviously, we get a cool shocking panel right afterwards.

Writer Joshua Williamson paces this book exceptionally well. It's a fantastic balance of action and story, with this issue leaning more on story and character development. There's a mystery to solve in Buckaroo, so obviously this book isn't going to be a non-stop action thrillride, but the dialogue is incredibly natural and these character's thought processes are just as exciting as any action in the book.

This issue really does build more on who Edward Warren is now, by the final scenes. Warren comes face-to-face with a new serial killer, who is incredibly intimidating looking. Mike Henderson's design is downright amazing. Anyway, Warren has to make the decision to stop the serial killer that got Edward put in jail for a bit, or save Finch and Crane. He chooses Crane, mainly.

It's been well established that this isn't a happy-go-lucky book, but what keeps this book from being almost too much for readers is Henderson's art. His style is gritty but has an animated feel to it, which lessens the blow in certain situations, like when someone is getting their hand chopped off. I don't think a darker artist would work on this book at all, nor a person who has more of a "house style." Henderson is the perfect fit.

There's a couple pretty dang interesting turning points towards the end of the issue. Without spoiling anything, there's something going on with Finch that I wouldn't call a game changer, but it does put a huge spin with what's going on with that character. There's also the final page, which isn't a huge revelation, but it does get someone else involved in the Buckaroo serial killer investigation. Vague enough for you?

The Bad

I have to wait a month for the next issue. That's the worst part about this book and series.

The Verdict

NAILBITER continues to be a thrilling and disturbing ride. This issue offers a few more answers about what's going on in Buckaroo, but it asks just as many new questions as well. Mike Henderso does a wonderful job on the art throughout the issue and gives the book a little light, since it's so dark. This is a book I highly recommend checking out especially if you love horror and mysteries.

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Posted By BigL

I love Mike Henderson's art and he's always putting up sketches on twitter. I'm behind on just about everything on my pull list but I need to pick this issue up

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Posted By cmd735

This is easily my favorite comic right now.

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Posted By J_HickmanIsGod

i cant wait to read this!

they found the missing agent.

and shit hit the fan.

also, Josh Williamson has an amazing knack for cliffhangers. always hits us where it hurts most, at the end of each issue

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Edited By BarstoolProphet

A great book, and series. Those that aren't picking it up should really start:) image titles are killing it, and I happily continue to empty my wallet for goodness like this;)

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. Made the right decision to read this series instead of GHOSTED.

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Posted By CaptainHoopla

Is this the end of the first trade arc? I missed out on the start of this and want to be sure to keep an eye out for the first trade.

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Edited By longbowhunter

This and the Swamp Thing Futures End issue were my favorites this week. Always excited to read a new issue of Nailbiter.

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Posted By cheluprim

This series is just frkn awesome. I'm always on edge reading it and just ugh! I need to take a writing class so I can better describe its awesomeness :)

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Posted By rac_shade

Best book of the week along with God Hates Astronauts.

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Posted By jdp180

LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. Made the right decision to read this series instead of GHOSTED.

I know I'm late but... why not read both?

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

@jdp180 said:

@madeinbangladesh said:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. Made the right decision to read this series instead of GHOSTED.

I know I'm late but... why not read both?

I already read GHOSTED. Well at least the first arc, but then the series really lost me with the second arc. So I decided to drop Ghosted to replace it with Nailbiter.