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Mind the Gap #10 - Wish You Were Here, Part 5: Under the Hood Review


The series with a load of secrets delivers many answers but you won't be prepared for the results and what's coming next.

The Good

Jim McCann is a great storyteller. For ten issues now we've been wondering what happened to Elle, the main character, that was seemingly attacked and left comatose. The fact that she is conscious in a 'mental world' has lead to more questions and there's no telling which of the numerous characters are guilty or innocent.

There's been a big escalation in the story the last couple of issues. McCann has been timing things nicely by stringing us along without making it feel like the story is dragging. With each revelation or clue to the bigger picture, more questions and mysteries are uncovered. This issue in particular delivers some big answers. Readers of the series may have had their suspicions but chances are they won't be prepared for what is revealed.

With the big reveal of the identity of "Hoodie," the unknown character that has been working, seemingly against Elle works perfectly. It would be easy to have this feel like a gimmick but as we find out motives along with other developments, it's clear to see the story is far from over.

You thought you knew where the story was going but things just took a pretty sharp turn.

The art by Rodin Esquejo and colors by Arif Prianto are gorgeous. There is an almost cinematic feel to the story as you see it all unfold. This is a comic that focuses on the story. There isn't big superhero action and the art manages to make it all completely compelling and enticing.

The Bad

We had a slight wait in between this issue and the last. Sure, it was worth the wait. Hopefully we won't have to wait for the next issue!

The Verdict

It's great having a comic series like MIND THE GAP. Jim McCann is giving us a comic that falls into the "something different" category. With a story full of mystery, twists and suspense, you never know what's going to happen. This is the type of comic you will read slowly or find yourself reading through again, to try to pick up on hidden clues to the big mystery. Even when we get major revelations, like in this issue, you discover there is so much more left to the story. The art and color make the experience even more enjoyable