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Li'l Battlestar Galactica #1 Review


The characters from the original Battlestar Galactica get the Li'l treatment from Art & Franco!

The Good

Art Baltazar and Franco bring their fun, child-like style to the world of classic Battlestar Galactica. As always, with everything these two are a part of, Art and Franco create more than 20 pages of delightful and entertaining comic book reading.

The issue starts off with an incredibly solid opening giving the reader insight and background for the Battlestar Galactica universe. Art does a fine job on the art in this opening page. The captions really lead the reader down the page. It's a page that flows incredibly well.

The dialogue is silly and entertaining. It's filled with tons of exclamation points and characters constantly freaking out, exactly what you'd expect from an Art and Franco book. The Cylon designs are wonderful. Art really captures the original character, while giving the reader the very familiar Art Baltazar style.

Just like the issue of LI'L VAMPY, this issue also has some games and puzzles smack dab in the middle of the issue. It's pretty ridiculous, in the best way possible. Just the fact these pages exist is pretty dang funny. It's a nice addition to these "Li'l" books.

The Bad

You may get whiplash because this book moves so fast and ends so abruptly. The story here is very thing, and yes, I'm aware it's a kids' book. What really strings the issue together is the dialogue and the quick gags. There really isn't too much of a story here though. Some Cylons invade. The good guys stop them. The end.

It's really hard to say who this is for. If this was the contemporary Battlestar Galactica, I could understand this being more for younger folks or something parents and kids could enjoy together, but because this deals with the old school BSG, it feels like it's trying to play to the older folks. Ones who enjoy comics that are a bit more for kids.

The Verdict

Obviously, expecting a big, in-depth story from a one-shot is a lot, especially if it's one of these "Li'l" books. However, this issue, while it was a ton of fun, failed to hit the mark and is down the middle of the road. Seeing Art and Franco take control of these characters was really cool and it was very entertaining, but there's not much to it. If you're an Art and Franco fan, pick this book up; otherwise, you may want to pass.