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Lazarus #9 - Lift, Part Five Review


Lift Selection Day. Also "Stop A Bomb Day." Things are pretty intense in Denver.

The Good

The second arc of LAZARUS comes to a close this month, giving us resolution to the Barrets' upward struggle and Forever's hunt for The Free and their bomb.

Closure doesn't necessarily mean happy endings; one of the best parts about this series is that everything is so faceted. A win isn't always the glorious occasion it might be, and it's usually with strings attached. Or body parts detached. That there's a sting along with the happiness is what makes this narrative so compelling; there are no easy victories, and things aren't just cleanly handed over. There are at least two significant hooks for the next arc, and my interest is definitely piqued.

The world in this book is so rich, so multi-dimensional, that it seems nearly real. Rucka and Lark spare no detail and waste none of the bulked-out (24 pages) issue's space; while The Lift could be a mysterious process, it's exposed in detail, bringing us further into the story world and connecting us more closely with the Carlyles, their Serfs, and the Waste. The team keeps up this heightened amount of detail through the book's backmatter; as with all issues, this month features more snippets of history, politics, and strikingly realistic advertisements amidst the letters pages.

The Bad

This book is really hard to find fault with; I do wish that there were more clear transitions between flashback sequences and present narrative (though it seems that Forever's age is an easy hint), but overall it's an intriguing and smooth read.

The Verdict

LAZARUS is a gem of a book; Rucka and Lark have mastered worldbuilding, and aren't ignoring a single corner of their creation. Political drama, near-future science, and real human hopes and dreams (albeit against a dystopic backdrop) meld together in a wonderfully scripted and strikingly illustrated work. I'll be looking forward to next month's one-shot, as well as the continued exploration of this brilliant, unsettling world.

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Posted By CaptainHoopla

It's felt like a slow burn with this series at times, but I still love it none the less. Rucka is obviously playing the long game with it. The massive world building has been great and all of the characters compelling enough to keep it interesting. My only minor complaint, I'd like to see a bit more action to get a better feel for Forever's capabilities.

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Posted By Cap10nate

I really enjoy this book. It will be a great book to binge read whenever there are 20+ issues out and I go back through and read from the beginning. I feel like I have forgotten a lot of what happened in the first arc because it seems so long ago. Rucka and Lark are a great creative pairing.

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Posted By tparks

Definitely some great world-building with this book. I wish more people were reading this so they could justify tie-in titles with some of the other characters playing the lead role for a mini-series or two.

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Posted By longbowhunter

Another solid issue. Glad to see something good finally happen to the nomadic Barrett family. As much as I like this series I'm thinking of switching to reading this in trade. This is a long game style series and I see it reading better in large chunks.

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Posted By Nuec_Sol

@longbowhunter: Then don't get too attached, readers switching to or waiting for trades, spells death for a indie comic series.

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Edited By XxGin

Really love this series.