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Larfleeze #12 - The Last Larf Review


"The last Larf!"

The Good

Co-writers Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis say goodbye to Larfleeze with a very, very entertaining issue. The action-packed finale offers a steady flow of laughs. Even though this is the final chapter and it has a lot to address, it isn't too heavy on exposition and the exposition that is there manages to often give us a chuckle or two. Everything from the opening credits bit to the note on the final page is packed with levity (well, except for one very brief moment, that is). If you've been loving the book, odds are those two little blurbs in the credits box and conclusion will fill you with sadness shortly after they make you laugh.

To make the issue even more memorable, the two writers hit us with an amazing twist and it's just oozing with fan service. Let's just say you're going to be thrilled if you've been enjoying his "team-up" with G'nort. It's a little heartwarming and seriously has the potential for so much fun! It's just too bad we'll probably never see a proper follow-up to this development.

I've really admired the work artist Scott Kolins and colorist Michael Atiyeh have put into this book and they end it with a chapter that's full of impactful visuals. It's a consistently fun ride and these two have done a tremendous job making sure the world(s) and characters are every bit as comedic and vivid as the dialogue. The amount of effort put into the first double-splash page is magnificent and kept me gazing at it. You can really appreciate every little character and the way the projectile attacks illuminate the crowd is impressive. While this book's tone remains lighthearted and the artwork represents that so well, they manage to sneak in a truly terrifying close-up of Larfleeze. Seriously, it can potentially haunt your dreams if you stare at it long enough. It serves as a powerful reminder that this character is not just a joke.

The Bad

There's a lot to wrap up in this final chapter and it feels like we're quickly jumping from one conflict to the next without any of them ever getting too much focus. One person is quite literally left in the dust, and while that is a funny gag, it would have been nice to see a little bit of closure with the character.

Minor gripe: some of the repeat jokes have lost their impact and aren't as amusing as rest of the banter.

The Verdict

LARFLEEZE leaves this world the same way it in came into it: full of massive action, exciting visuals, and thoroughly entertaining banter. It really is a shame this book is over. There's so many dark and serious stories out there, but you could often count on this one to hit you with an enjoyable dose of silliness and fun. To make its departure even more painful, it ends on a note that has so much potential for absurd comedy! Oh well, at least it was a good ride while it lasted, right?