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Justice League of America #9 - Dark Art Review


Martian Manhunter and Stargirl continue to try to figure out what happened to the Justice League.

The Good

This issue and the last are really showing how interesting Martian Manhunter and Stargirl are in the New 52. When the series began, we only caught little tidbits about the two. Seeing them in some solo action is opening our eyes to their potential.

Last issue they discovered members of the Justice League actually survived their meeting with the Crime Syndicate (of course). Trapped in a strange and dangerous prison unlike any they've seen before, the two are exploring to figure out what's going on. As the two are separated, we get to find out more about the two, especially Stargirl's past.

The Bad

Seeing the imprisoned League members again in their scenarios wasn't as exciting or fun as the first time. Some of the characters seem really…out of character. Of course it's the influence of the prison but most of the issue deals with J'onn trying to get to the end of the prison while Stargirl goes after him. We get a slight progression towards the end but it felt like not too much happened here.

The shift in the artwork was distracting. It's understandable that sometimes multiple artists are needed on a title but it can be hard to overlook at times.

The Verdict

This title is gearing up to give us the adventures of Martian Manhunter and Stargirl against the villains on their quest to defeat the Crime Syndicate and save the heroes. They are both proving to be more and more interesting and likable. Unfortunately we get more of the same as last issue in seeing the imprisoned survivors going through their scenarios as they are oblivious to where they really are. We has have some inconsistencies between the artists. This issue sets things up for the two heroes to take the next step in their mission and the action should definitely be kicking in then.

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Posted By timelord

This title and Arkham War were both treading their wheels this month. I am glad Stargirl is finally getting some screen time though.

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Posted By BattheMan008
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Posted By BR_Havoc

I have not been impressed with the JLA series since it started but I really feel it become weak since Johns left, This book is supposed to be a flagship title not a time waster.

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Posted By noj

Yeah definitely not as good as last issue. It felt a bit redundant to see all the prisoners again from Stargirls perspective. I also thought Aquamans was a bit silly. The rotating artists were alright but nothing special. Doug Mahnke was sorely missed. Probably the worst issue of JLA so far. Still not terrible though.

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Edited By 2cool4fun

I'm just wondering when will DC stop with the letters on the covers >.>

This cover looked so much better in the preview without that whole cheezy "SURVIVORS OF EVIL" thing...

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Edited By lifeboy

At first I hates issue #8 then after some thought, I really liked it. I am looking forward to this issue.

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Posted By cobra88king8

This issue felt like a rehashing of last issue. I was so bored reading it

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Posted By manwithoutshame

I don't know if I like where this story is headed...also, where's Mahnke, we need that guy!

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Posted By KingAres109

So is this title worth getting??I'm so damn amped up about Forever Evil.I have to see more of Johnny Quick.But is Martian Manhunter a good draw in this?

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Edited By HeckTate

@timelord said:

This title and Arkham War were both treading their wheels this month. I am glad Stargirl is finally getting some screen time though.

Hahaha I love mixed metaphors. Treading water or spinning their wheels both mean what you were going for. But I agree, I was disappointed with both, but this one especially felt a lot like it mostly covered the events of last issue from a different angle.

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Posted By MonkeyToe

Didn't like this issue. All the dialogue was way off and way too cheesy for me.

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Edited By andrewwann7

@kingares109: This series is totally relevant and worth getting, we know the JLs are trapped in the matrix of Firestorm now from F.E.3, this is showing up what is happening for them, and shining some more light on the classic character that is Martian Manhunter. To not pick this up is like ignoring one of the storylines in a Game of Thrones episode.

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Edited By KingAres109

@andrewwann7: Well I would've used something else instead of Game Of Thrones since I never seen it Lol..You shouldve said The Walking Dead.But than bro.I will be getting it.