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Justice League of America #5 - World's Most Dangerous, Chapter Five; The Martian Manhunter Review


If you read issue #4, you know it ended with a bang. Can this JLA team survive against the Secret Society of Supervillains?

The Good

Geoff Johns is a crafty fellow. This team and it's existence is filled with so much subterfuge and last issue ended with a crazy cliffhanger that no one really saw coming. There's been a lot of talk and speculation. The great thing is, we get some answers in this issue. Whenever the fate of a character is hanging in the balance, it's easy to leave it hanging for a bit to add to the suspense. That isn't something Johns needs to do. He cuts to the chase and moves on the the next story point.

Aside from that, we also finally get to see Simon Baz enter the picture. Amanda Waller wants a Green Lantern on her team and with the incidents that arose shortly before Baz became a Lantern, he's sort of at the mercy of the government. The great thing about the possibility of Baz on the team is he's the outsider. He's new to the world of superheroes and superpowers. He gives the perspective of the everyman. And it's not a spoiler but his appearance could mean more B'Dg.

The introduction of the Secret Society of Super Villains in the New 52 has added a great feeling of the unknown. It almost feels like a huge threat to the DC Universe has come out of nowhere but of course their roots go back to JUSTICE LEAGUE #6.

With so much going on and the revelations in each issue, you can't help but get excited for whatever may be in store for the next issue. I would have never chosen these characters for a book I would be so into but it's the writing and situations that makes it stand out.

Brett Booth finishes his mini-run on the series. It feels like each panel must have oozed off the tip of his pencil. There is such a sense of fluidity and seeing the members of the Society creates a feeling of excitement.

The Bad

The story is progressing. There were a couple points that seemed too sudden. Of course this is just the fifth issue and there's plenty more to come.

The back up just didn't really click with me this month. Seeing Martian Manhunter fleshed out has been great but this one just didn't do it for me. It does set up some stuff for J'onn but I'll have to wait and see what happens next.

The Verdict

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA continues to be a fun wildcard series. There's no telling what will happen with this team. That very idea is illustrated in this issue. It seems this ragtag group of characters couldn't have what it takes to make it, especially under Amanda Waller's strict rules but somehow Geoff Johns is giving them the edge they need to impress everyone. With each issue, the characters grow more interesting and you have to wonder what Johns' long term plans are. Brett Booth does a great job adding his personal touch to each character and makes the action flow across the page. There were some points that felt too sudden or convenient but for the sake of the bigger picture, it makes sense. Each time I read this series I can't decide if I enjoy this or JUSTICE LEAGUE more. Johns knows how to bring the fun and excitement to his stories.

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Posted By lifeboy

I'm compareing this to johns 2005 JSA and this falls short of the g reatnes of those first issues.

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Posted By BaneStrokeLoboGrundyBatArrow

Ha! Like they could really kill Catwoman

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Posted By JLDoom

@wavemotioncannon said:

We could see the Catwoman"swerve" coming from a mile away but this issue was still pretty good. I can't wait til Mankhe comes aboard because Booth is beneath this book IMO.

Agreed on both accounts

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Posted By WaveMotionCannon

We could see the Catwoman"swerve" coming from a mile away but this issue was still pretty good. I can't wait til Mankhe comes aboard because Booth is beneath this book IMO.

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Edited By Jake Fury

The art kept this issue from going any higher than a 3/5 IMO.

Is Katana mute? I don't think she's spoken in a couple of issues.

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Posted By entropy_aegis

@dondave said:

@knightofthechronicle: He's The Outsider from Flashpoint

The Outsider from Flashpoint was Micheal Desai,this one is clearly Alfred.I guess he's working for the Crime Syndicate/Owlman.

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Edited By Dogofwarorion

Great issue, now I really want to know who's behind the Society...

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Edited By bennyq

@ares94: I thought the same thing! Evil Alfred!

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Posted By snarkybits

I enjoyed it. Yup.

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Posted By Hawkguy

Idk why people disliked this issue so much, I thought it was really great! I'll agree I do miss Finch a lot, his dark tone is wicked but Booth is doing a great job for the most part. I'm excited to see where this goes and this is becoming one of my top DC books.

The MMH backups... I love em

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Edited By braynehurricane

@perfect_10: I too am thinking it's Joker from another Earth. Earth-2 could be a good bet and might amount to something nice in the future like a Justice League/Earth-2 crossover event (which I am so eagerly awaiting).

Side-note, I can't wait until Mahnke takes over next month. Brett Booth's art is so mediocre in my mind. Finch gave the series this awesome, moody feel that was completely obliterated by Booth coming in.

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Edited By Perfect 10

@shadowswordmaster: two different characters. read the issue. i'm thinking he's an alternate earth's joker (earth 2 perhaps) based on his look and how he says he watched his world die. he also knows the joker of this earth as he made a reference to him

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I actually thought this was a pretty fun issue to read! The artwork IMO was pretty impressive and alot of fun to look over! I especially cannot wait until Trinity War starts up.

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Posted By Ares94

The grey guy looks like evil Alfred, probably taking orders from an Evil Batman. Think about it, he mentioned the Joker, et knows where batman lives, and seems to be looking for a confrontation with him. He is either evil Alfred, or a Joker from another earth than lost his hair due to too much green gel lol or he is someone new ^^

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Posted By EnSabahNurX

are you kidding me ? this? a 4? they pulled the catwoman-is-still-alive thing right out of their asses after downright showing us lies the previous issue. this review gives credibility to paid-off reviews.

Take that accusation crap somewhere else. Your opinion differs from tony's OPINION, no need to be rude because you disagree with the review. If you don't like it write your own review and loosen up.

Wow comics don't always tell you the truth, let me show you my shocked face

-----> =_=

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Posted By The Stegman

I liked this issue, though MM leaving the Shaggy Man fight to "become" Selina was pretty forced. Also, when exactly did Mars die? If it was any time after Earth had satellites or telescopes, I find it hard to believe no one noticed there was life on Mars.

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Posted By _Black
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Posted By blkson

this issue definatly was not 4 stars,IMO. this was a really lackluster issue. the story was so lame and the dialouge was so cliche. Brett Booth's art is not a good fit for this book, at all. he draws the exact same faces! Amada Waller looked just like Star Girl, as well as Steve Trevor. the manhunter back up was so damn awful. Shame, this book started so strong but, i think i'll drop it after trinity war. i mean there really hasn't been a reason given as to why anyone would care to read this after trinity war is over.

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Posted By theTimeStreamer

are you kidding me ? this? a 4? they pulled the catwoman-is-still-alive thing right out of their asses after downright showing us lies the previous issue. this review gives credibility to paid-off reviews.

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Posted By longbowhunter

I like Geoff Johns, J'onn, Green Arrow, Baz, B'dg, and even Vibe but after Trinity War I'm dropping this title. It's not a bad book but it really isn't doing much for me at this point.

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Edited By ShadowSwordmaster

@dondave: Are you sure because it says who is in it and it and the person is Chronos.

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Posted By MrMazz

@dondave: THATS why I thought he looked familiar! thanks

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Edited By dondave

@crazy_wilhelm: He's just another robot, like the Flash and Aquaman ones

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Posted By dondave
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Posted By knightofthechronicle

@ghidoran: The grey skinned guy said 'Ha' in JLA 2 so I guess that's going to be his 'thing'. I guess we can just consider him 'Joker-lite' until we figure out who he really is.

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Posted By Ghidoran

Not a fan of how the series is turning out. I enjoyed it a lot when it was mysterious and political but now it's heading more and more into generic superhero territory ala the main Justice League title.

Characters also seem kinda inconsistent. Since when does the grey skinned guy randomly say 'Ha' as if he's been infected with Joker venom? Seems like something Johns just thought of for this issue.

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Posted By nappystr8

I really really like Brett Booth's art a lot so I can't overstate enough that this has nothing to do with his talent; but he was a complete mismatch for this book. As for the story content, the issue was great. Amanda Waller may be younger and thinner now, but she is equally brilliant and devious. I was very much on the fence about Trinity War crossover, but I think this issue has convinced me to bite the bullet on a few extra issues to see how things play out.

Very disappointed in the MM backups though. I was really looking forward to them, but it's all boring voice-over flashback stuff. Not at all worth the added dollar to the price, but then again, I don't think any of DC's backups are good enough to be worth it.

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Posted By Crazy_Wilhelm

New 52 Shaggy didn't seem quite as robust as Old Shaggy; are we to assume that this was a replica Shaggy, like the Justice bots, or is this the bona fide, genuine article original Shaggy Man Post Flashpoint?

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Posted By ULTRAstarkiller