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Justice League #15 - Throne of Atlantis, Chapter One; Shazam, Chapter 8 Review


It's the beginning of a war and there's a new (but familiar) art team joining Geoff Johns. Worlds collide in the beginning of the 'Throne of Atlantis' crossover.

The Good

The AQUAMAN series may have lost Ivan Reis and Joe Prado but AQUAMAN's loss is JUSTICE LEAGUE's gain as the two begin their run on this series. If you read last month's AQUAMAN #14, you know Ocean Master is up to something. This issue marks the beginning of the war between Atlantis and the surface dwellers. Right away, you can begin to imagine where that is going to place Aquaman as he will be torn between his two homes.

It starts out with an interesting look at a sort of team up between Aquaman and Batman. There has been many comments over the depiction of the characters in the pages here and in their individual titles. We still get that sense that these are individuals that can work together and rely on each other when on team misions but on their home turf, it's a bit of a different story. The subtle changes in the interaction is great in fitting into the bigger picture of the New 52 universe.

It's not giving anything away but let's say when Atlantis does attack, it's pretty massive. If we're to expect a big deal out of the Throne of Atlantis crossover between the JUSTICE LEAGUE and AQUAMAN titles, we should have some big stuff happening. And we do.

Amidst the coming war, Geoff Johns also gives us more on the budding relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman. For some reason we haven't seen too much of who they really are in their own titles. The interaction Johns has been giving us shows how separate they are from the average person and how the two are starting to connect. The little touches of Superman explaining who he is, how he grew up and how he lives among humans is great to see. I can't decide if I like those scenes or the battle ones more.

It may not need to be said but Reis and Prado do a spectacular job on the art. It's going to be great seeing them on this title working with all the characters.

There's also the SHAZAM back up by Johns and Gary Frank. Each month it's like we get an extra special treat with each issue. There's more on Billy Batson trying to figure out his new powers and, as the solicit says, Black Adam appears in the story as well. I wish it were somehow possible for both Johns and Frank to do a full ongoing SHAZAM title.

The Bad

This was a great issue. You can feel the energy amping up as Johns prepares to bring the Justice League into 2013. Starting with a crossover between AQUAMAN is a great start. Seeing the impact of each member will make the series that much stronger.

We still want to see more for Cyborg but there is a great but brief conversation between him and his dad.

The Verdict

The cover claims it's the beginning of a "bold new era" and they're not kidding. Ivan Reis and Joe Prado joining Geoff Johns with Rod Reis still on colors is a great addition to the title. This issue has an epic feel to it. We have a big battle between Atlantis and the surface dwellers. They are going to attack and it's not going to be a light one. The Justice League was formed to take on big threats. It's up to Johns to show us how big of a threat Atlantis can be. The Atlantean War Plans hinted at here will definitely pull you in. Aside from the big action, there is more character interaction being built. We see more on Superman and Wonder Woman as well as Batman's run in with Aquaman and Mera. It's a bit of a let down that DC released only a few comics this week but with JUSTICE LEAGUE and AQUAMAN, what more could you ask for?