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Judge Dredd #2 - Cover Me; The Good Parts Review


Dredd finds foul play in the system and needs Judge Anderson's help.

The Good

"Cover Me"

Drokk! This was one fantastic story! Dredd believes that another Judge (Myers) is being set-up and he and Anderson try to find out who is behind it. It's a short and sweet story that adds on to the world of Dredd, which is great for new readers.

We get to meet Judge Anderson here, who is an up and comer in the PSI Division, which you may have guessed that they are psychic. It's a cool addition to the story, and I really liked the character.

Nelson Daniel did the art on this story, and it really fits the world and the writing extremely well. It's got a cool style that reminds me a bit of some of the other Dredd stories I've read in 2000 A.D. Daniel does very well during a couple of the action scenes where Dredd is getting shot at and sliding on his bike. It has a cool cinematic feel to it and I loved the incorporation of the sound lettering into the panels.

The end of this story was a lot of fun, and I loved what looks like to be a lead in to the next, or future, story.

"The Good Parts"

It's a quick read, but I really like what Sweirczynski did here with this story. It gives us a glimpse another side of Mega City One, the drug fueled one. We get to see Judge Anderson (at least I think it's Anderson. It's never really stated in the story) try and solve a murder that ultimately involves drug use. Although the book is called JUDGE DREDD, it's nice to see a story focus on one of the other judges.

I really liked what artist Brendan McCarthy did with the negative space of the pages in this story. It revolves a bit around drug use, and behind the paneling is essentially an acid trip of colors. It really fits story very well.

The Bad

"Cover Me"

The story feels a bit jumpy and rushed. It moves too quickly from scene to scene, and it can come off as a bit confusing because of the lack of transition. In one panel, they're in the streets of Mega City One. Then, in the next panel, the characters are at Judge headquarters.

"The Good Parts"

While I really enjoyed what artist Brendan McCarthy did with the backgrounds here, the actual art is a bit bland. It lacks detail and definition. It feels very dated. I was a bit disappointed with how this second story turned out here.

The Verdict

Just like issue one of JUDGE DREDD, the first story was fantastic, but the back-up had a few problems in the art department. I really like how this book has two stories in it, and how it's gradually building the Dredd world for new readers. Both stories are incredibly fun, and the art in Cover Me was awesome.

I made this book a book to watch on Top of the Pile and I stand firmly by that, since I think Sweirczynski is doing some awesome things here. Overall, I recommend this issue.

"Cover Me" - 4/5
"The Good Parts" - 3/5

JUDGE DREDD #2 gets 4 Drokks out of 5
JUDGE DREDD #2 gets 4 Drokks out of 5