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Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two #11 - Chapter Eleven: Power Shift Review


Conflict erupts after the death of a Lantern and the GCPD begin to take action against Superman's forces.

The Good

INJUSTICE: YEAR TWO has spent a fair amount of time establishing plot points and focusing on character, but now it is returning to its regularly scheduled dose of craziness. I mean, it doesn't get much bigger than Superman and his allies taking on a squad from the Green Lantern Corps, does it?

The fight may not be that extensive and there aren't any especially huge moments in it (physically, that is), but the big splash pages absolutely warrant the amount of space they take up. There's an exciting amount of action going on and, thanks to the art team's work (Bruno Redondo's pencils, Julien Hugonnard-Bert's inks, and Rex Lokus' colors), these pages are honestly fun to look at. It gives you a nice little taste of how hectic a fight like this would be without ever really chiming in too much on any of the specific brawls. I can't help but love how this art team brings Sinestro to life, too. Tom Taylor has done a fine job writing him, but these artists do a wonderful job making him appear so smug. Last but not least, I think I could feel my heart break just a wee bit when we chimed in on a fallen Lantern for just one panel.

Thaal Sinestro's role has really spiced things up. Sure, I have a soft spot for the dude, but he must be a joy to write for Taylor. This is a book that's been consistently packed with big twists and shockers, so having someone with Thaal's mentality must be a twisted delight for the writer. And, based on these latest chapters, Taylor's most definitely taking full advantage of how this character operates.

The Bad

I like what's going on in Gotham and I obviously want to see where it'll go, but leaving a standoff between cosmic powerhouses -- one which just escalated big time -- to chime in on Harvey Bullock was a little disappointing and hindered the flow of the chapter (for me, at least). Yes, what follows moves this narrative forward and I'm curious to see what's next, but I can't help but feel like this giant conflict between the Corps and Kal-El has enough potential to warrant a full focus and pulling from it to focus on something that's getting a slowburn was a little bit of a bummer.

The Verdict

Just when you think the situation can't get any crazier, Taylor goes above and beyond to keep things interesting and drops developments that are full of potential. The stakes keep rising and rising in this book and this creative team always knows how to leave us on just the right note. This is yet another issue that'll leave you anxious to buy the next one.

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Posted By micah007123

The Corps are actually holding their own :) the way Supes took down Hal easily during the first volume didn't give me hope the Corps would stand a chance, but I guess I was wrong.

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Posted By dondave

This series is just going down the drain

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Posted By i_dont_like_comics

this book has a way better story than the game. the game's superman descent was retarded. the only constantly good book by dc.

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Posted By k4tzm4n

@dondave: what are your gripes with this chapter?

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Posted By dondave

@k4tzm4n: It's Year Two in general. Despite the fact that Superman obviously has problems going on, the rest of the League are blindly following him, he even crippled Batman and the League had no qualms about it. John Stewart's reason for essentially betraying the Corps is that he trusts Superman.

Everyone with the sole exception being Barry is just acting out of character.

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Posted By StormShadow_X


I agree. The Jl blindly following supes is honestly stupid. Diana,Hal,John, most of the JL would side with Bats if this was to happen. Breaking his back would tend to show he may be a little crazy now.

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Posted By HolySerpent

Great issue

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Posted By ShadowHuntR

This comic is starting to become more and more stupid... Year one was better by a large margin.

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Posted By Romthelegionaire

The last bit confused me because Sinestro's argument has flaws. Even if Sinestro's forces killed all the Lanterns like he suggested they do and prevented them from returning to Oa, wouldn't the Guardians still send more Lanterns to Earth? If not to capture Superman but avenge the other Lanterns?

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Posted By spacemanspiff85


It's a lot of the Corp's heavy hitters on Earth, so they'll be that much weaker without them. Plus, if there's ever a situation where "kill Green Lanterns" is a choice, that's what Sinestro's choosing.

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Edited By Rubear
@dondave said:

@k4tzm4n: ///he even crippled Batman and the League had no qualms about it.

After attempted asassination. And it's strange that you mentioned crippled Batman and not comatose Wonder-Woman or detonated Captain Atom or dead Green Arrow or immolated Marthian Manhunter. Also you miss the irony... By that point Batman's freedom fighters and GLC just made Superman angrier with nex to no effect of their actions exept of theft of superpills.

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Posted By sophia89

In the beginning the book showed superman as trying to save the world from itself.Now they are trying to show superman corrupted by power and becoming a tyrant,which doesn't make sense.

why would superman give someone who can't control himself power(the officer that terrorized the couple then beat up on Harvey),why would superman let sinsestro kill ch'p and be fine with it?

every time he did anything he had a good reason in year 1,year 2 he is acting without any reason.

still its a good book.

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Posted By brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie

Yeah, I really can't believe what crap this is now compared to Year One.

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Posted By micah007123

@brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie: It hasn't gone down the drain yet. It's not as astounding as Year One, but I'm my opinion its still one of DC best books.

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Posted By dondave

@rubear: Thosw actions are aggravating but I chalked up most of it due to Wonder Woman's influence

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Posted By DarthZod

The portrayal of Sinestro was flawless.

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Posted By IDontLikeBirds

@i_dont_like_comics: You are aware that this is the same story right? The comic is a prequel to the games main story, or rather what happens between the time The Joker set off the bomb and gassed Superman, to the main storyline in the game. If I recall, the story in the game took place five years later.

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Edited By i_dont_like_comics
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Posted By MuyJingo

@dondave said:

@k4tzm4n: It's Year Two in general. Despite the fact that Superman obviously has problems going on, the rest of the League are blindly following him, he even crippled Batman and the League had no qualms about it. John Stewart's reason for essentially betraying the Corps is that he trusts Superman.

Everyone with the sole exception being Barry is just acting out of character.

This is my gripe as well.

The tipping point in Year One was when he killed Green Arrow, which even though it was well written was completely OOC for Superman. Killing Joker as an act of rage, even being dictator for a while I could buy....somehow the tipping point was not believable though.

Not sure it ever could be.

Now as you say everyone still blindly follows an obviously evil dude.

I guess there is an in between universe, where Superman tried this and everyone else saw the light and stopped him from going too far, yet Metropolis was still destroyed and Joker still killed. At the moment, I'd rather read about that universe.

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Posted By kidchipotle

As much as I loved Year 1 and even though I'm still enjoying Year 2, I can't help but think that Tom Taylor has lost his sight of writing a morally confused Superman. He's focusing too much on Clark being the big baddy now just like in Earth 2.

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Posted By Lanstar777

Gotta agree. I was truly enjoying the series but it's starting to get more and more farfetched and out of alignment with any Justice League member. The entire Justice League seems to brain dead. Year One made sense, it was plausible as to what Superman was doing (although killing GA, frying MM and breaking Bat's back should have been some “hmmm – this guy’s gone too far moments). Now he is obviously acting with evil intent and NO ONE (except Flash) has any reservation in following him including John Stewart who turns on the Guardians. Unless Taylor can right the ship this series is sinking. At this point it’s difficult to believe how these "heroes" managed to stay on the 'light side" prior to what Joker did given how apparently easy it is for them to simply follow a guy who is obviously losing it and is at best is acting with complete moral ambiguity. They completely lack any discernment in dealing with the issues at hand.

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Posted By Burnout1212

This book is horrible in my opinion. To me it seems like DC version of the ultimate universe where they can kill anyone. Especially since it isn't a main book. This book goes against ever moral every dc hero has killing characters on a whim unethical for them. I mean Shazam should of turned on supes the second issue with what his moral code stands for. So this book is a sinking ship and people only read it cause they are wondering who is going to die next.