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Injustice: Gods Among Us #28 - Chapter 28 Review


Superman takes drastic action after finding out Batman has been spying on him and his team.

The Good

The first few moments play out exactly as anyone would expect. We get some basic exposition over what went down in the last issue and everything appears to be pretty formulaic. But then something absolutely magnificent happens -- something which made me laugh out loud like a fool and even begin to clap. The rest of the issue could have been total nonsense and this alone would have granted at least four stars. To even hint at what happened would totally ruin it, but let's just say I thought it was nothing short of brilliant. It introduces a massive element to the book and has such hysterical execution.

I previously complained about Superman not getting proper respect when it came to his intellect. Yes, he's been dramatically impacted by these terrible events, but in the game he seems like an upset and spoiled child, and I was starting to fear we were seeing small signs of him transitioning into that (Flash totally stumped him in a debate -- which is fine, but Clark had no rebuttal whatsoever). This issue, however, shows Superman properly using his noggin' when it's revealed Batman has been spying on him for some time and now knows Superman and his allies are aware of this. He knows Batman always has a plan, so he goes for the unexpected. What happens next -- as I said above -- produces one of the most entertaining things you'll read this week. It's so out there and totally works. Who knew such a dark place could be so funny without Green Arrow or Harley Quinn?

Taylor also did a solid job with his handling of Damian Wayne and Alfred. It was refreshing to see Damian step up (since he's mostly acted out of anger in the series so far) and Alfred's conclusion was pretty touching, too. Batman's prepped for everything when it comes to combat, but Alfred reminds him sometimes there are far more important things to keep in mind as well. Honestly, I can't wait to see where it'll go from here.

The Bad

What goes down with the Watchtower is rather epic, but the handling of it in the end felt underwhelming/rushed, especially after such a brilliant moment. The illustrations of it rushing through the atmosphere were nice (especially with the coloring and use of lighting), but the massive impact didn't seem to do the scene justice or really hit us with how severe the impact was. It's certainly not a bad illustration, but I don't believe it lives up to the moment, either.

The Verdict

It was so easy to assume where the plot would go after last chapter's revelations and the opening makes it seem like business as usual, but then Taylor throws a curveball and I guarantee NONE of you will expect it. It's beyond hilarious and brings the narrative in a whole new direction -- it's a ginormous game changer. Combine that with the sharp character writing and I'm beyond anxious to pick up the next chapter. Where will things go from here? I cannot wait to find out next Injustice Day (aka Tuesday).