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Injustice: Gods Among Us #25 - Chapter 25 Review


Superman's actions against Apokolips' forces have won over the public and Batman realizes his team needs to take action before it's too late.

The Good

This may not be the best issue yet, but it's definitely one of my favorites. As expected, this chapter dives into the aftermath of Superman saving millions of lives last issue by slaughtering thousands of Parademons. The world is praising him and there's even a cult worshiping him and attempting to face crime on their own. Naturally, Batman sees where this path will take Clark. In fact, he saw in several chapters ago and this is just confirming his suspicion. Because of this, writer Tom Taylor shifts focus to Wayne and his rebellion and the result is a really engrossing read.

The pacing in this issue is really solid, either pulling us in with strong drama between Batman and his allies or making us laugh with Green Arrow's countless awesome remarks. While we (and Batman) know where Superman's actions will lead him, not all of Wayne's allies immediately agree. Big Blue did basically save the planet, after all. Sure, he crossed the line and killed thousands of bad guys, but he saved even more innocents. This divides some of the members in his group and the resulting arguing between Batman and his followers is fantastic. I'm sure some will think the move Batman makes is uncharacteristic, but given all of the circumstances, I think it was necessary to keep them together. There's a key moment between Huntress and the Caped Crusader and Taylor's decision to flesh it out over 3 panels was brilliant, really allowing the moment to sink in. Artist Bruno Redondo absolutely nailed the facial expressions on that one. Furthermore, Taylor also begins to introduce the Kryptonian pills and if you've played the game, you know that's a big deal.

The issue isn't as funny as the GA/Harley Quinn team-up, but it's definitely up there and it's thanks to Ollie. The man is simply hysterical and full of great remarks in this one. I know this book is all about the drama between Superman and Batman, but he totally steals the spotlight with his sharp remarks. Once again, Redondo's facial expressions really sell the humor behind Ollie's banter. I particularly love his expression as he's trying to avoid being pulled into some drama -- it's a priceless moment.

Then there's the action. Yeah, despite having the limited pages, we're still treated to some really, really fun action on top of all of the developments thrown our way. The action is brief, but detailed visuals from Redondo and a tight script from Taylor make it a really pleasant experience. Believe it or not, even Batman says something funny and it doesn't feel out of character.

The Bad

I thought the ending felt a tad awkward. I understand the tension is building between these two, but to me, it almost felt like a confrontation between two bros on the Jersey Shore before someone else stepped in. Perhaps I'm just crazy and the only one thinking that, but it did feel like a "COME AT ME, BRO" moment. Sure, that's the intention, but after such a huge moment, I can't help but feel like Wayne would jump at the opportunity to deliver some verbal hits.

The Verdict

(NBA Jam announcer voice) Tom Taylor is on fire. We're now 25 chapters into this digital comic and it has yet to take any kind of significant dive in quality. I wasn't the biggest fan of the Aquaman story, but the series remains strong and this is a downright awesome chapter. Perfectly mixing humor and drama while still delivering some fun action, Taylor continues to make INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US one of the most enjoyable reading experiences DC has to offer. The fact it's only $0.99 and comes out every Tuesday is just icing on this absurdly delicious DC cake.

Now I'm left wondering if this storyline will reveal Green Arrow's death and Catwoman's decision to switch sides...

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Posted By lolzstastic

I want bruno redondo to work on an actual DC book

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Posted By lifeboy

Awww.. now I want to know about the harley/ arrow issue... :'(

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Posted By GraniteSoldier

@k4tzm4n: When reading I always try to engross myself in the decisions the characters make, and how I would respond. I have to admit, while it's plain to see the path Superman is going down, I DO agree with his killing those parademons. Now I am not big on Superman, so I don't know all his capabilities, but are you really going to stand back and allows millions (potentially billions) to be slaughtered? I have to say I agreed with his choice. I don't, however, agree with his attitude (or the JL's for that matter) of "we know best".

I don't read many DC books outside Batman, but I have to admit I am loving this. I really hope they run with it beyond just going to the point where the game would take over. I think having all of you hyper-powerful heroes becoming everything they stood against while thinking they still stand for it is a nice twist. I know it isn't the main continuity, but I don't care. I like it more.

On a final note I agree the ending seemed awkward. Batman standing chest to chest with Superman, like two high schoolers chest slamming...I expected one to just yell out "Do something! I dare you!". It seemed a tad immature for both characters. A distanced stare down would have been better, even if it's been done 100 times before.

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Posted By Nahuel

@eneguema_i: you are right. I think to many people was just taking advantage from what Mark Waid said...

@sasquatch888: and Civil War was marvel version of kingdom Come and some people say Kingdom Come is DCs version of Marvels and so and so, but I agree with you, but this is much more better than Civil War

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Posted By Eneguema_I

@nahuel: I guess it's because they're Parademons... I mean, Supes slammed a truck into a couple during the first New 52 JL arc and no one batted an eye. Minions simply don't share the same status quo with their masters. =P

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Posted By k4tzm4n

@akbogert said:

@k4tzm4n: Indeed, it would not surprise me if A were to be a contributing factor to B. As I just wrote in my review of the previous issue, "this book is beginning to veer into the territory of the inevitable, where the thrill isn’t so much finding out what will happen as learning when and how."

Well said. Then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from you :P

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Posted By sasquatch888

sometimes i wish they had the balls to do this in the main continuity ...its like dc's version of civil war its awesome

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Posted By Onemoreposter

Good issue, for sure. However I read this one along with the issues from the last month (beginning with issue 22) and all I could think the whole time was, "man I hope Damien gets put in his place." I mean, at first my thought was "man I hope Damien dies," but then I realized that might be a little harsh.

lol, loving this series. Can't wait for next week

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Very nice! Haven't read it yet but can't wait to get my hands on it :)

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Posted By akbogert

@k4tzm4n: Indeed, it would not surprise me if A were to be a contributing factor to B. As I just wrote in my review of the previous issue, "this book is beginning to veer into the territory of the inevitable, where the thrill isn’t so much finding out what will happen as learning when and how."

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Posted By k4tzm4n

@akbogert said:

@k4tzm4n that spoiler part at the end is precisely what I thought of today while reading.

Great minds and what have you.

But yes, I fear Ollie could be on his way out soon and in turn, that makes Catwoman think their struggle is futile.

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Posted By akbogert

@k4tzm4n that spoiler part at the end is precisely what I thought of today while reading.

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Posted By Nahuel

So Superman killed.... why there is no Off my mind: why Injustice isn't a Superman comic thread yet?

I'm loving this series, haven´t read this issue, but Tom Taylor is doing great job... i think he is a good choice for Earth 2, but just time will tell...

Nice review man! as always

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Posted By SNascimento

God bless the Huntress for calling Batman on his BS.

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Posted By Zeeguy91

@k4tzm4n: LOL. I bet you're glad that Tom Taylor's taking over on Earth 2.

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I agree 100% with your "The Bad" stuff. Felt the same way.