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Injustice: Gods Among Us #24 - Chapter 24 Review


Kalibak's forces continue to kill innocents around the world and Superman is forced to unleash his potential.

The Good

Well, it looks like we're finally saying "hello" to the version of Superman we witnessed in the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game (which takes place roughly five years after the first chapter of this digital comic). He's not quite at the "Grrr! Disagree with me and I'll kill you!" stage yet, but there's no denying this is a critical issue that firmly plants him on the one way path towards that outcome.

The transition isn't rushed by any means, either. Writer Tom Taylor has been very careful in handling the Man of Steel -- he didn't randomly go off the deep end. In fact, the Parademon incident marks the first time Clark has used lethal measure since his encounter with the Joker and, truth be told, the reasoning behind it is solid. Kalibak aside, we don't simply sprint into Superman completely unleashing. Instead, Superman has a chat with Flash before executing (for a lack of better words) his plan. It's a great moment between the two and really humanizes Clark. He's a God to us and he's confident in his decision, but deep down he knows it isn't right and he just wants to hear he's doing the appropriate thing from someone else.

And may I gush for a moment over how terrific Superman's encounter with Kalibak was? It firmly establishes just how much Superman has changed and how he'll no longer take any nonsense -- both physically and verbally. His rebuttal to Kalibak's remark about Darkseid? Catching his fist? It's awesomely badass and clear sign of what the future holds for the character. Seeing Clark stand by his morals and defy impossible odds is inspiring (like in 'What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, And The American Way?'), but seeing as this is an alternate universe, it's definitely entertaining seeing Superman going all out like this -- even if it does mean he's turning evil (the road to hell is paved with good intentions, right?). Where else will you see Superman reduce an army to ash in the blink of an eye? Where else, I ask you?!

The artwork by Mike S. Miller and Alejandro Sanchez is solid. Despite the pages being filled with frenetic chaos and what not, this chapter is packing an incredibly crisp and polished look. Sanchez does a commendable job making Miller's work vibrant and dynamic and Miller yet again delivers on some very strong emotions. Overall, it's a good looking issue.

The Bad

I really dug the artwork in this issue, but Superman has one expression which felt like a drastic overreaction to what he was saying. He was making a good point to Flash and attempting to connect with him, but for some reason it looks to me like he's almost on the verge of crying. The expression just didn't feel fitting to me.

I understand Green Arrow and Black Canary are tired from fighting and against overwhelming odds, but I feel as though they wouldn't give up so easily. Despite the lack of arrows, couldn't their combined skill and use of Dinah's canary cry at least give them an opportunity to get away from the battle for a bit or regroup with others? I totally understand and appreciate what Taylor was going for and it was indeed a powerful scene, I just have a bit of difficulty believing they'd call it quits so soon.

The Verdict

By focusing primarily on Superman, Taylor finally gives Kal-El a major epiphany on how he approaches villains and it pays off big time. Throw in plenty of jaw dropping action with some truly eye pleasing art and you've got yet another excellent chapter of INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US.

Now that Superman has made a drastic change to his morals and the people of Earth apparently love it, I'm curious to see how Taylor will handle the aftermath of this invasion. With Lex by Superman's side and Batman's rebellion waiting to strike (not to mention his secret weapon is still in play), I'm very, very anxious to see what's next. Once again, you should be reading this series. I cannot stress that enough.

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A very good issue, I prefer Batwoman's costume here than her mainstream versions

Posted by UltimateSMfan

is there any other elseworld comic besides this where superman kills,going all out and saves people at any cost?

i Mean,Seriously! he saved Everyone!!

Posted by Mucklefluga

So to sum this review up it got a 4 star instead of a 5 because of Supes' dodgy face on the cover.

Posted by Alak

While I personally agree with Superman's decision, I was pretty stunned at how effective he was in wiping out the entire invasion force single-handedly. I was thinking it the whole time, "Superman, just go ballistic already!", but when the time actually came it was pretty stunning to watch it unfold. I guess it reminded me of Superman: Unbound where everyone secretly wishes to see the big guy unleash himself, but when it finally happens people immediately regret it.

Posted by GraniteSoldier

Not a Superman fan, nor really much of a fan of DC heroes in general (they aren't bad just most of them don't catch my interest), I have been reading this since issue one and have really been enjoying it. The stage has been set and now it's just a matter of seeing the play unfold.

Edited by CODYSF

Dude Superman is f*cking awesome

Posted by DeviousBastard

I lol'd at Bruce saying "no". So Kal should have like all those innocent people get killed?