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Injustice: Gods Among Us #18 - Chapter 18 Review


Batman and Catwoman meet with the President of the United States to form a counter to Superman's actions.

The Good

This issue feels like a whole lot of fan service. No, that doesn't mean we see Batman and Superman go toe-to-toe or anything like that. Instead, we're treated to an overwhelming sense of buildup and a whole slew of both new and familiar faces in this alternate universe. Remember how I said Batman's handling of Solomon Grundy was the most badass thing he's done in this book? Well, I think having the bat-brass to verbally put the President in his place with a single remark is a solid contender for second place. The response on the President's face is absolutely priceless. I won't be surprised if we see the Commander-in-chief fold if the Man of Steel comes knocking on the White House's front door.

I tend to keep these reviews spoiler-free (for the most part), so I'll hold off on providing names when it comes to the cameos (but I will say MARTIAN MANHUNTER!). A few are really exciting choices, especially due to the characters not having a role in the video game at all or being limited to a super small cameo. Watching this group gather and figuring out if there's a potential traitor among them is sure to be a blast and you can immediately feel the momentum growing. Seeing as writer Tom Taylor has done such a great job with each character, I'm pretty anxious to see how he juggles each one and brings them into the spotlight with their unique voices. And considering we know Green Arrow is destined to die, I'm especially curious to see how Taylor will handle that one.

The Bad

The city settings have an overwhelming amount of similar colors. This can make it a little uneasy on the eyes when trying to differentiate characters from objects in the environment. Jheremy Raapack's art has a rougher and unpolished feel compared to what we've seen in the past few issues. While I don't mind the different style at all, I can understand why some may not be a fan of the visuals.

While I agree with what Catwoman says to the President, the politics may be a little too heavy-handed for some. After all, these are topics some hold very close to their hearts, so Selina's statements are sure to turn some people off.

The Verdict

If this chapter doesn't get you excited for what's about to go down in this alternate universe, then I just don't know what will. There's a slow burn when it comes to Clark's transition and it's great to see he didn't simply go from heartbreak to heartless overnight. The roster continues to grow and Batman is finally building his rebellion to take on Clark's regime. How everything unfolds from here has yet to be revealed, but if you've played the game or even know the basics, then you know the odds aren't in Bruce's favor. Does that mean these characters are destined to meet a grim fate or will Taylor have them go down a different and unexpected path? I have no idea, but I'm definitely stoked to find out.