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Halo: Initiation #1 Review


Find out how Sarah Palmer went from an ODST to a super-soldier!

The Good

Wherever there is a new Halo comic, I'll be right there with open arms, ready and willing to let the first chapter throw me right back into Halo's magnificent and wonderful universe. This time around, HALO: INITIATION takes place between the events of Halo 3 and 4, ultimately serving as a story to help immerse you even further in the mobile game, Halo: Spartan Assault (which I haven't played nor do I plan on doing so, but I digress). So, what's it about? The long and short of it is, Sarah Palmer is an awesome Orbital Drop Shock Trooper and she's been selected to become a new Spartan. Simple enough, yes?

This issue does the bare basics of recapping Halo's history with the Spartan program and understandably so (there's no intro page, after all). Luckily, it doesn't feel like they're retelling it just for the sake of playing catch up with new readers or casual fans of the universe. The brief history is recapped in an organic manner (not to mention has the coolest splash page in the book) and it's not long before we're abruptly thrown into an action piece which pretty much bears the weight of the rest of the issue. It's not the most riveting action sequence around (which is a shame because it focuses on a Chieftain), but I'd be a liar if I said part of me didn't love seeing a small scale battle with all of these familiar faces. There's just something special about Halo's universe to me and that's what makes this set piece a particularly enjoyable read -- even if it doesn't do anything to standout .

The Bad

My biggest gripe with the battle (which is most of the issue) is that a lot of it lacks the motion it requires to make it truly exciting. The melee dodging was without question the best looking sequence, but everything else kind of felt stale, never really delivering on big moments which should have really packed a punch. Unfortunately, the same held true for the warthog kills. Something like that should be cheer-inducing but it sadly wasn't because it was missing a real sense of impact.

Minor gripe: Palmer seemed way too safe during the grande toss despite being surrounded. Sure, her luck isn't infinite, but at times I was left wondering what all of the enemy forces were doing.

The Verdict

If you've been itching to dive back into the Halo universe (and that should pretty much be anyone and everyone who enjoys the games), then you'll be pleased to know HALO: INITIATION #1 is a serviceable return to the sci-fi franchise. It does the basics building up the narrative and showing us who Palmer is, all the while throwing some alright action our way. Now that everyone knows who she is and why the UNSC is interested in here, it's time to get things rolling!

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Posted by Deranged Midget

I can't help but almost entirely agree with this review. Maybe it's because I can't really stand Palmer herself but this issue really lacked an oomph or anything of import to catch most of interest. Nonetheless, I'll keep on it simply because it's another part of the Halo universe.

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Posted by lykopis

Jumping into this world a complete noob. I had my LCS put it in my pile (probably because I wanted the Mass Effect comic) and I guess it's a good thing I have no prior knowledge of Sarah, based on what DM said because I kinda liked her.

I will follow this for a bit and see where its going (plus bug a couple of friends to give me more info who are caught up with all the games).

Thanks for reviewing a book based on a game -- outside the box for sure.

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Posted by DecoyElite

Sounds like a dull one to me, I think I'll avoid it.