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Ghostbusters #17 - Mass Hysteria! part 5 Review


The team is facing a whole lot of trouble as spirits begin to rise on Hart Island!

The Good

"Apparently they're the exposition twins." It's lines like that one which really make me appreciate how Erik Burnham is handling the script. Even when an info dump is mandatory -- and they most certainly are when you have a story about ghouls, technology, and dimensions -- he manages to turn it into a positive experience and keeps the tone fun. Sure, the pacing may get weighed down for a moment or two, but Burnham makes sure to pick it up the very first chance he gets. That's the thing about this book, it's consistently fun and that holds true yet again in this latest chapter.

The sharp writing makes it a real joy to follow these characters. If you've seen the movies, then you obviously know they each have their own unique personalities and are by no means interchangeable characters. Then we also have all of the new faces with their own standout impressions. It's a big group to juggle, but the writer continues to display a great understanding of their voices and hits us with enjoyable banter. There's more than a handful of chuckles in here, but my personal highlight has the be the dynamic between Kylie Griffin and Egon Spengler. Also, the bits in Ray's head are a real treat, especially when he attempts to take charge. Oh, and I can't forget to mention there's two cameos that are pretty much pure fan service.

This is yet another issue where artist Dan Schoening and colorist Luis Antonio Delgado have left my eyes extremely satisfied. Schoening's lighthearted style does such a terrific job capturing the essence of these characters and Delgado's coloring is stellar. Every panel kept my eyes glued to the page and they make sure the visuals are every bit as exciting and enjoyable as Burnham's script.

The Bad

As much as I'm enjoying the Kylie/Egon team-up, the ending with them felt pretty abrupt and, even though it obviously has a lot of potential, isn't really as powerful or gripping as many of the other cliffhangers we've experienced. While this is a very fun issue and the events on Hart Island are gorgeously presented, it felt like a weak point compared to what's going on with Ray and the situation with Dana and Lewis. Sure, it looks great and has lots of potential, but right now this plot thread just isn't pulling me in as much as the others.

The Verdict

Even though Tiamat doesn't show her face (we all know we haven't seen the last of her, yes?), this an issue that's thoroughly entertaining form start to finish and feels like a proper continuation of the Mass Hysteria! storyline. Burnham sends the Goddess of Chaos back into the shadows and the team has to face new kinds of threats -- threats that'll definitely please fans of the movies -- and they have Tiamat's fingerprints all over them! GHOSTBUSTERS is a total blast and you can really tell that the creative team is pouring everything they've got into this latest storyline. Mass Hysteria! is ridiculously amusing and I cannot recommend it enough to fans of the franchise. Seriously, you'll like it even if you've only watched the movies.