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Five Weapons #5 - The Final Exam Review


The final issue of the awesome limited-series is here! What will happen to "Tyler" when Vera takes on the entire school to find him?

The Good

As expected, this issue revolves around some major plot developments, so I'll keep it vague and spoiler-free. When it comes to everyone (except for the Nurse!), we're finally given answers. It's a lot to take in when there's basically two scenes of massive reveals and twists, but it works and successfully wraps mostly everything up in a satisfying manner. I imagine it wasn't an easy task for writer Jimmie Robinson. He created a lot of questions over the past four issues and only had this one to answer all of them while still keeping matters fun. Somehow, he managed to pull it off.

This issue has a surprising amount of action and watching the teachers finally step up to the plate was awesome (the gun teacher won my heart) and what happened next was a real jaw-dropper. It's a shocking moment because I immediately thought the book took a darker turn and then went even further in the moments which followed. However, upon examining the pages, you can see the book still manages to avoid strong violence (despite being a book about young assassins) and I assure you it's all explained in due time.

As always, Robinson's art is as pleasant as his writing. Just like every other issue which came before it, issue five is packed with animated and lively panels, allowing these refreshing characters to jump off the pages and feel far more dynamic. He handles the action scenes very well, too, and seeing Vera go to work is quite impressive. It's a lighthearted style which fits the book's atmosphere extraordinarily well.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this issue is super heavy on exposition. It's understandable since this issue is tasked with answering four chapters worth of questions, but when the characters get down to explaining everything, it feels like an unnatural and rushed response.

The Verdict

FIVE WEAPONS has grown on me a lot over the months. This title took me by surprise and I simply couldn't help but fall in love with thanks to its vibrant visuals, energetic cast and engrossing plot. Naturally, its final chapter comes as a double-edged sword to me -- I'm delighted to get answers yet saddened because it means saying goodbye. Thankfully, it delivers when it comes to answering (most) of our questions and remains every bit as sharp as the previous four issues. And the best part of it all? Robinson leaves the door open and Image Comics is letting him turn it into an ongoing next January!