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Five Weapons #4 - Nat the Gat Review


Tyler aims to expose the Principal's plot and goes face to face with the gun club.

The Good

Everything I love about FIVE WEAPONS is still here. The refreshing visuals, the pleasant and lighthearted tone, the creative cast of characters... they're just some of the many reasons I adore this book every month. But now Jimmie Robinson earns some bonus points from me because he's switched up the status quo a bit and is adding all new ingredients into the mix. It's no longer just Tyler facing and overcoming obstacles with his wit... now we're diving into more key characters and expanding the plot with the famous family, and that's something I've been itching to see more of.

We already know Robinson's formula works and remains consistently fun. Tyler faces a challenge, we're forced to guess how he makes it out of the seemingly impossible scenario, and most of the time, we're pleasantly surprised by his strategy. While this issue has plenty of that and it's just as fun as ever, we're also treated to a scene dating all the way back to Tyler being sent to the school, and, call me a sap if you must, but I found it to be a legitimately heartwarming and affectionate scene.

Additionally, Robinson further expands the plot by revealing Principal O's origin story and how it connects to some key characters. This flows to a whole new storyline and while it really sucks there's only one issue left, it's definitely being handled in a manner which makes me believe Robinson has the space required to wrap this all up nicely.

And as usual, I have the same amount of praise for Robinson's art. It perfectly compliments the fun and lively nature of the universe. It's cartoonish yet filled with detail and I love some of the creative panel layouts. Just like the plot, the visuals have remained consistently good.

The Bad

There was a line or two that was a bit too cheesy for me and this issue was pretty heavy on the exposition, but neither really detracted too much from the moment.

Joon's obviously good, but that initial feat seems to require superhuman reflexes based on how close the boomerangs were to Tyler's face.

The Verdict

On one hand, I'm stoked this book continues to feel like a breath of fresh air that someone of any age can enjoy. But on the other hand, there's only one issue left! As of right now, it does seem as though Robinson can juggle all of the key plot points in the final issue, but I'd be a liar if I said I'm not slightly concerned with the limited panel space left for this universe. Regardless, Robinson has absolutely earned my faith thus far, so I'm excited to see how this fantastic story concludes next month.

Posted by DonFelipe

Oh sweet, it's Five Weapons week!

I can't read your review, Katz. (I'm sure it's right on and the 5 stars are well deserved.) And I really can't wait for some answers either. Hopefully Jimmy Robinson will tell us how Principle O. and the Nurse lost their eye and nose respectively. I'm expecting an epic flashback. If Robinson won't tell us in Five Weapons, I'm okay with a follow-up mini-series. In fact, I'd prefer the second option.

Jimmie Robinson! This is the first time I realize I don't know anything about this guy. Is he new? If so this is an incredibly tricky story and comic to start a career. If he's not new is there anything else I should have to read?

Posted by k4tzm4n
Posted by jangcrow

Going to greatly miss this book when it ends! If the final issue is as good as the rest of the series has been, im going to have to double dip and buy the trade when it comes out to support this awesome book. Shame it hasn't been selling so great, it deserves to have a sequel/prequel follow up series!

Posted by j_impulse

Anybody know where I can find it online? Piratebay is giving me no such luck. They stopped at issue #3.

Posted by k4tzm4n