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FF #10 - Paint It Black Review


If you thought last issue's "Pool Party" story was something, wait until you see the wacky adventures this one contains. You might not be ready for this.

The Good

FF is like a breath of amazingly fresh air. There are simply so many delicious layers in this comic.

Despite appearing so light-hearted on the surface, there continues to be a deep and dark element to the series that is easy to overlook due to Mike Allred's art and Laura Allred's colors. The series is loaded with many unknowns such as "Old Man" Johnny, Doctor Doom, Alex Power's actions, Bentley-23's unpredictable nature and Ahura's decisions.

The Allreds add so much emotion and life to Matt Fraction's story and you can't help but be entertained while also cringing a little bit at the idea of some of the cruel nature hidden beneath the surface.

Alone with the various subplots, the main part of the story sees the team taking a micro-journey with some extremely familiar looking Marvel creators. Throw in deadly dust mites and a shrunken stolen tiger, there is literally no telling what might happen next. The story reaches a full fledge wacky level but there is so much heaviness thrown in to catch you off guard.

The Bad

No complaints. The "guest appearances" might approach a cheesiness level but it doesn't matter because this comic is such a joy to read.

The Verdict

I am in love with this series. It has just about everything you could want. Matt Fraction richly blends humor, drama, action and suspense while discretely sprinkling a dark aspect to the book. Mike and Laura Allred's art and color are a sight to be seen. Each page and panel is so vibrant and full of life. You can't help but smile as you read the story. Each issue contains an unpredictable nature but it never feels forced. We're not seeing wacky and zany elements thrown in just to be goofy. It all just works in a grand fashion. Every time I read an issue with Fraction and the Allreds, I feel compelled to stand up and clap my hands.

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@br_havoc said:

I love this series it's just a fun book with plenty of heart. Also I am amazed at how Fraction has made Darla a very likeable character after a shaky start IMO.

I really hope Darla sticks around! I liked her from the start just because so many people hated the idea of her. Now I like her just because I think she is a fun character;-)

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Posted By feargalr

I can't believe I didn't think I would like to art here, it's so great. Plus Doctor Doom is just awesome, I love that guy.

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Posted By Renchamp

"Layers" is a great way to describe this book. I just got my haul for the week and this issue is right near the top.

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Posted By ArtisticNeedham

From Day 1 Marvel has had cameos like that in the Fantastic Four, so I didn't mind that. I agree it did approach cheesiness but still I remember the old Lee and Kirby FF stuff like that.

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Posted By Mezmero

This is still one of my favorite ongoing Marvel titles. My only complaint for this issue was that including Allred and Fraction as actual characters felt a tad indulgent on the creative team's part. If the off issues without Mike's art have shown me anything it's that the real star of this book is Laura Allred's colors. She manages to really make everything pop even without Mike's pencils. Can't wait for more of this incredible book.

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Posted By Poncho

the "Merry Marvel Manner" is still alive and kicking.

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This is probably my favorite book that I am reading. I look forward to it every month. I cannot say how much I love this book.

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I love this series it's just a fun book with plenty of heart. Also I am amazed at how Fraction has made Darla a very likeable character after a shaky start IMO.

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I like the cover. Got the FF trade in the mail. Hope it's good. Should I bother getting issues 1, 2, and 3? Or can I figure things out without reading those?

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I love this book but I wish there was a bit more "mad science" in it. I mean it is a school for geniuses trying to "fix everything"