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Fantastic Four #4 - The Fall of the Fantastic Four Part 4 Review


The Fantastic Four takes on the new Frightful Four!

The Good

In this latest issue of FANTASTIC FOUR, Johnny Storm is still dealing with the fact that he no longer can "flame on," while the rest of the team takes on the Frightful Four, who is made up of members of the Wrecking Crew. Luckily, the Fantastic Four has some help from She-Hulk, Ant-Man, and Ms Thing to stop these villains.

When it comes to this new FF series, writer James Robinson shines when making this book fit in to the rest of the Marvel universe. While the events happening here are in their own little pocket, this book connects back to Fraction's FF series, so there is a cohesiveness to both series and it's really great to see them work on the same plane and not just forgotten about.

The majority of the issue is a really fun fight between the two teams. Fans will find themselves rooting for the good guy through the beautifully drawn pages by Leonard Kirk, with Karl Kesel and Jay Leisten on inks and Jesus Aburtov on colors. The art is clear and crisp and great at showing movement.

The final few pages of this issue take the Fantastic Four into a new world and story, one that promises some repercussions for the latest fight in Manhattan. It's another moment in this book that grounds the team and what's going on. At first, it may seem a little weird (sorry, no spoilers) and a tad ridiculous, but what happens here makes sense and shows a lot of promise, especially with Robinson on board.

The Bad

There are certain moments where the dialogue can be a tad rough or cheesy. It still keeps in the tone of the book, but there's a bit too many one-liners happening here.

The real meat of this issue is the opening pages and the last two pages. By no means is the rest of this issue filler, but what really moves this story bookends the fight.

The Verdict

FANTASTIC FOUR #4 offers a quite fun and action-packed issue with some incredibly gorgeous art. The story may seem a bit over-the-top, but that's what gives this book its charm. It's great to see characters like The Wrecking Crew make their way back into Marvel continuity and Robinson is building a solid read that shows a ton of promise. Overall, I recommend this issue, especially if you like larger-scale fight scenes.

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I'm enjoying this but there isn't enough science