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Fairest #2 - Wide Awake, Chapter Two: Run! Review


Last issue set things up with Sleeping Beauty and Ali Baba. This issue has plenty of action, storytelling and gorgeous art that should not be missed.

It's never been a better time to be a fan of Bill Willingham's FABLES. This spin-off series with Phil Jimenez lives up to our expectations.

The Good

It might be because I discovered FABLES around the same time my daughter was getting into the actual fable stories but I was immediately pulled into the concept of these more mature versions. For over one hundred issues we've seen one great story after the next. The idea of a series focusing on more of the characters in different settings is a completely welcomed one.

Last issue set up the journey for Ali Baba in seeking out his reward, which happened to involve Sleeping Beauty. Now the two, along with Jonah the imp (who is extremely knowledgable in American studies). Throw in the threat of the Snow Queen and we're in for fun and exciting time.

While we've seen stories set outside of the real world in FABLES, here we're deeply immersed in a place where Frost Giants can roam without any concern over limitations of the mundies learning more than they would be capable of handling. There is a feeling of excitement as we are almost in unfamiliar territory even if we know some of the basic backgrounds on the character (and we do get some of the story of Sleeping Beauty).

Phil Jimenez's art is absolutely amazing. FABLES has always been graced with gorgeous art and this series is proving that the same rule applies. Everything simply looks spectacular. Andrew Dalhouse's colors also amp up the overall vibe that is being conveyed in this story. I could stare at the pages all day.

The Bad

I can't I fully know where this story is going but that's not a bad thing. I was under the impression that this series would solely focus on the fairest ladies in the FABLES universe. The inclusion of Ali Baba and Jonah are indeed making it all interesting.

The Verdict

Fans of FABLES or those looking for a gorgeous adventure with familiar characters should be reading this series. In the tradition of FABLES, we get a modern and more mature take on the fairy tale characters we grew up with. Willingham has created a world rich with characters more interesting than their true counterparts and a wide world full of potential for future stories. Phil Jimenez and Andrew Dalhouse make reading Willingham's great story even better. I really liked the first issue but I can say I loved this one.