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Eternal Warrior #5 - Eternal Emperor, Part 1 Review


Gilad has finally created a world without Gods, but that definitely hasn't solved his problems.

The Good

"All-New Arc" is slapped on the cover and man, it sure is all-new. Writer Greg Pak takes us two-thousand years into the future and establishes a whole new world from scratch. Despite being immortal, Gilad has aged and served as Emperor for generations. When you call a book "Eternal Warrior," my immediate concern upon seeing this aged Gilad was that the guy's going to be seriously downgraded compared to who he once was. Well, let's just say Pak puts that concern to rest and proves Gilad's definitely still a warrior, too. Pak's also done an impressive amount of mythos building in this one. He's slowly introducing us to this completely different civilization and hits us with a very efficient cliffhanger. It's unclear what what's going on with his two kids or if they're even still alive (I'd wager yes), but this issue revolves around the life Gilad currently has and his bond with his granddaughter. I won't lie, the relationship is kind of adorable, especially upon seeing their little chat after Gilad has to take someone's life in front of her.

Artist Robert Gill and colorist Guy Major do a thorough job introducing us to this completely new landscape. There's several establishing and wide-shots of all kinds of environments that are just a real pleasure to stare at. The character work is consistent, too, and there's one gruesome panel where they go all out to make sure the image makes an impact. This is a book where you expect a lot of action, and thankfully, this team has shown they can handle it. There's a great sense of speed and motion blur when the action strikes and it all looks solid.

The Bad

The jump into the future is a bit awkward at first. It's a whole new world and we're randomly hit with some crazy looking robotic Bantha with a whole lot of blades sticking out of it. Needless to say, it's an abrupt welcome to this new world, but Pak does a fine job easing us into it immediately afterwards.

The Verdict

ETERNAL WARRIOR #5 is a perfect jumping on point and continues to show Pak's creativity. All of the fantasy elements are tossed out the window (immortality aside, of course) and Pak uses the issue to focus on a simple concept: a man striving to protect the people he cares about. We've only seen the basics of this version of the future and it's definitely an attention grabber. Additionally, Gill's art demonstrates he's a more than able fit for the book. Do yourself a favor and buy this.

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Posted By Cap10nate

I really liked this issue. I felt some of the first arc was wanting of. . . something, but this was a great start to the arc. I am interested to see how this continues to play out and the ties between the current day.

I wonder if this will stay like this with arc in the future and arc in the present or past. If so, it'll be similar to what Aaron is doing over on Thor with young, current, and King Thor. I'd like to see that with the Eternal Warrior as well since he has such a full life of adventures that doesn't need to be limited to present day.

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Posted By AllStarSuperman

I can't wait to read this, sucks I have to wait until sunday

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

EW looks like a boss

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Posted By AllStarSuperman

The way Pak writer Gilad is absolutely fantastic, this series is amazing. I'm really interested in what happens next. The Idea that technology was disbanded in the future to some degree is crazy and awesome!

I did't read that spoiler, but If you like current EW, the old run is amazing as well Personally I like it more as of now.

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Edited By ScarletBatman

Great issue. I was blown away by all the awesome world building! Truly great. Definitely my Pick of the Week.

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Posted By mikem311

I am really enjoying this series! EW is a bad ass, can't wait to see what's next.

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Posted By Smoking_Gun

I did't read that spoiler, but If you like current EW, the old run is amazing as well Personally I like it more as of now.

This is very true, the 1992 run of Eternal Warrior is amazing.

With that said, I really enjoyed this issue (yes I know I am a bit late, reading it in back issues). I love this future reality and how Gilad has tried to develop it. The concept that even in a future he has created there are still events and characters that are out of his control or foresight. I also like the concept that Gilad is quite willing to fight to protect those around him; a nice change from the Gilad who avoids fighting at any cost.

I would have liked to see the fall of the gods that occurred between issues 4 and 5, but the story line does give an idea of what had transpired.

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Posted By AllStarSuperman

@smoking_gun: I have an incomplete EW respect thread. You should check it out.