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Detective Comics #880 - My Dark Architect Review


The Joker is on the loose and Commissioner Gordon gets closer to discovering the truth behind all the madness. An intense issue with haunting images that will stick in your mind for days.

For months Commissioner Gordon has been forced to confront his lifelong struggle of trying to figure out his son. On the verge of discovering the truth, Joker escapes Arkham Asylum. When it rains, it pours...

The Good

I have never been so moved by a Batman story. The intensity that Scott Snyder brings to each issue (along with Jock in this one and Francesco Francavilla in others) is like no other Batman comic I've read. The stories, especially are so gritty and intense without being full of over the top gratuitous scenes. It's the subtle tone and insinuations that really get you. Gordon's hunt to discover the truth about James Gordon Jr is put on hold when (last issue) he got word that Joker managed to escape Arkham (again). WIth his ex-wife Barbara in town, it's a race to get to her before Joker can do what he usually does.

There are so many thrills and suspense filled in this issue. You'll find yourself turning the pages slowing in anticipation of the dread that might appear on the next page. Without trying to spoil anything, there is one page that is extremely powerful. It's one that has stuck with me since I first laid eyes on it. Snyder and Jock are not messing around here.

Last issue didn't feature Dick Grayson (as Batman) and with everything that happened, he wasn't needed. We do see Dick here reminding us how great of a job he has been doing as Batman. It's up to Dick to hunt and track him down. Being on Joker's home turf is not something to take lightly.

As for the Joker...we've seen many different interpretations over the years. The different versions help to showcase just how whacked out he really is. It's also one thing that makes him even more dangerous than other villains, you never know which Joker you're going to get. As for Snyder and Jock's version, he's not someone you'd want to be in the same city with. The way he looks, talks and moves is the stuff of nightmares.

And the last page...yikes.

The Bad

I am excited for the "New 52" in September. It's the thought of even the smallest story elements from Snyder's run being tucked away that concerns me. But with Snyder taking over Batman, there is hope.

The Verdict

How many have I mentioned that Detective Comics has been my favorite Batman series? We've been getting intense stories, new and old villains and a great depiction of Dick evolving beyond the skillful hero he was as Nightwing into a truly worthy successor to Bruce as Batman. The story of James Gordon Jr. has been frightful and intense without having to go for obvious shock value we often see elsewhere. Being that the possibilities hit so close to home with Commissioner Gordon, the storytelling and suspense will keep you glued to the pages as you slowly turn each one.

Let's not forget that Joker is here as well looking more insane than we've seen him lately. It's a horrible time to be in Batman's inner circle but the best time for us readers. I really hate to see Snyder's run with Jock and Francavilla end but with the way things are going, they are going to make this series go out with an enormous bang. Get ready to cover your ears.

Here's the preview from The Source.

Posted by Jordanstine

1st update of today!  Good to see you guys back and kicking from San Diego!

Posted by Benzo

Can't wait to read this issue! I also can't wait for the new batman title, that Scott Snyder is writing as well. :) 

Posted by CombatSpoon86

Man how do you get these early issues, Can't wait to read this when I come back from vacation

Posted by Samimista

I haven't really read DC Comics in the past two months since I see no point in doing so til September but I'll read this due to the 5 star review.

Posted by gmanfromheck

@Samimista: Try to AT LEAST pick up the previous one. Snyder's entire run and the James Gordon Jr stories have been epic.

Posted by Samimista
@G-Man: Alrighty that I can do I'm excited for his Batman run he's a good writer :)
Posted by longbowhunter

Month after month this is the book I cant wait to grab off the rack. It really is everything you want in a Batman book.
Posted by MrUnknown

I agree this is probably the best DC title right now.

Posted by keith71_98

Really glad to see Jock back on the art. Can't wait for this book!
Posted by ryu_talkative_batman

This is a lot like Batman Year One, just longer

Posted by Scodiac

What a cover! I can't wait to pick up this issue. Scott Snyder has just hit it out of the park repeatedly on this run. 

Posted by Doctorchimp

I think that just about does it for me.
Looks like before the reboot I'll have to go down and pick up Scott's run from 871 to 880 on Detective Comics.

Posted by fenixREVOLUTION

I can't wait for this one.

Posted by inferi22

Sad to see Scott Snyder finish Detective he was the best at capturing Dick as Batman out of anyone

Posted by craigbo180

One thing is for sure, the cover art looks amazing.

Posted by B'Town

Wow. Fantastic review Tony. I can't wait to get my hands on my book. I have been a long time Detective Comic's fan and have especially enjoyed Snyder's run. I'll continue pulling DC and add Batman to my pulls, to keep up with Snyder.

Thanks for the review!

Posted by Jhyde

i love detective comics!!

Posted by umbrafeline

i think i know who jr is, but i aint telling. not for free of course :-P
Edited by JonesDeini
@Benzo said:

Can't wait to read this issue! I also can't wait for the new batman title, that Scott Snyder is writing as well. :) 

That's going to be one of the few traditional tights and Fights DC comics I'll be buying in September. But not having JOCK/Francavilla on the art's going to be a huge adjustment. Especially after I saw the pages that Capullo turned in during the recent ICC previews. I really, really am disappointed by what Capullo turned it. It's fine that he didn't want to go too Spawn, but his designs brought back all my bad memories of McDaniel's Batman art :( 
Anyways, can't wait to see what demented wickedness Snyder/JOCK have in store tomorrow!!!! I wasn't at all impressed with the Joker last issue, but I trust Snyder not to let me down. 
Posted by Billy Batson

The cover is just epic and great review.


Posted by bunkerbuster05

God damn, I'll be picking up this issue for the cover art alone. It's incredible.

Posted by keith71_98

There's no doubt. The cover art is a big time eye catcher! WOW!
Posted by VaizD

Just got to reading 880, and all I can say is wow. That was absolutely chilling.

Posted by longbowhunter
@VaizD said:
Just got to reading 880, and all I can say is wow. That was absolutely chilling.

My sentiments exactly.