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Deadpool #5 - Star Wars: Revenge of the Gipper Review


Reagan wants to nuke America from space and only Deadpool can stop him.

The Good

Illustrator Tony Moore and colorist Val Staples work wonders on this series. Everything looks exactly how it should. Everything. It's a more comedic yet disturbingly detailed and gruesome style -- sounds perfect for the Merc with a Mouth, doesn't it? The combat is bloody and looks great. You can feel the motion unfold with the strikes and there's some really, really vicious panels (and a kill stripped right from Alien: Resurrection). Those poor monkeys, though... at least they'll rise up one day just like Wade said, right? 
I  love how Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn's Deadpool isn't a joke every single second of every single panel. Sure, he's giving out references like they're candy on Halloween night, but there's a few moments here and there where you see his more serious demeanor take over and I can't help but savor those instances. He's so much more than a walking punch line and I always appreciate when these two writers convey that. 
While the plot mostly goes as expected, the conclusion is a huge change of pace for the series. To say anything more detailed would be diving into spoilers territory, but it's a total 180 for the title and a very welcome shock. Bring on the emotion, Duggan and Posehn.
What would an issue of DEADPOOL be without a few good laughs? This one had more references than I could count, ranging from Planet of the Apes to a classic Coca-Cola commercial. There's even a little Wolverine joke tossed in there. A few moments gave me a good laugh, but most were limited to smirks this time around.

The Bad 

This issue's definitely amusing, but I didn't find myself laughing out loud as much as I did with the other chapters. The jokes just weren't as consistently sharp as the previous material and that's really key for this title.   
I'm also getting a little tired of seeing Deadpool, the incredibly skilled mercenary, getting smacked around by Presidents with virtually no training. I understand their resurrection has boosted their physicals, but it would be nice to see Wade displaying some skill and agility more frequently.

The Verdict 

This is a story arc where you've gotta just shut off your brain and enjoy the craziness. Otherwise, you'll find yourself asking plenty of trivial things... like how these monkeys are still alive in space, how a dead President learned Chinese boxing since being resurrected, so on and so on. If you're looking for logic, you're in the wrong place. But if you want a book that'll make you laugh and cringe at some well illustrated violence, then DEADPOOL is worth every penny of the $2.99 cover price. I'm having a blast with this story, but I really hope the creative team has our anti-hero go down a more serious and character driven path when he's done putting the Presidents back into their graves.
Posted by Loki2u

Worst comic book ever.

I've read better stories in the Sunday funnies.

Posted by Renchamp

I've also wondered at how Deadpool can't seem to avoid getting beat down by old geezers. I'm looking forward to this one. This has just been one, big, hairy joy ride for my brain.

Posted by Maybeland

It's Reagan in this issue, Nixon was killed two issues ago.

Edited by Fenderxx

I Agree, I would love to see Deadpool with a little bit more deadly skillset, even at the End of Wade's run, deadpool seemed to become weaker, I kind of forgive it on this story arch as the premise is sooo over the top and crazy that you really should not take it to seriously, looking forward to where this book goes !

Posted by chocobojam

I have a mixed feelings about this Deadpool. I know its funny and the art is great but i dont know if i will take this series seriously. I just hope that the next story arc has a more serious (but still funny) story and not just over the top craziness.

Posted by sparty-dbq

@chocobojam: Dude, this book doesn't even take itself seriously. Why do you feel like you have to?

Posted by chocobojam

because i was considering dropping this series so that i can give way to other titles.

its just that i feel that this series is just a stand alone pure craziness comics.

Posted by manafiend

I like Deadpool in this issue... It's the side characters I'm not enjoying (especially Ghost Ben). I also know very little about the US Presidents (American history is not really my favourite subject), so I think this story arc is not for me. Loving the artwork though, I'll just be happy when we get around to the next plot.

Posted by lady_toyano

I really like this Deadpool series way more then I thought I would. Deadpool is a guy that I can only read so much of by himself. He thrives when he has people to bounce off of. My favorite addition to his book has been the inclusion of the non atypical S.H.I.E.L.D Agents that give him missions.

Though after this issue... I may not be around for much longer due to Ahem...*Spoilers*

Edited by Raw_Material

The ending is a complete cliffhanger! WTF, that was brutal coming from a comic stand-point. Liked this issue alot as we got to see Deadpool's serious side of his personality, who's usually classed a comedic person. However, Posehn and Duggan does a great job implying the one-liners he throw's out in this issue. And how is that Wu-Tang verse he busted out! The dude has floww..

Can't believe Agent Preston his dead! If the necromancer, Michael can bring back the undead, maybe he would be able to revive Preston back to life..And for Deadpool, he's probably in intense pain too; knowing that he has a soft spot for Agent Preston deep down inside

Posted by Dabee

Loved this issue. And now just because my letter got printed. :-)