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Deadpool #29 - The Honeymoon is Over Review


Deadpool wants to defeat Dracula's forces and there's one person he needs for his plan to work: Dazzler!

The Good

If you're not following Marvel's latest event, ORIGINAL SIN, its abrupt inclusion into the pages of DEADPOOL might leave you feeling a little in the dark. Thankfully, the story's appearance is minimal. If you find yourself feeling a bit confused over what happened, it'll hardly matter because the event's tossed in there just to feed two characters with new information -- details that are sure to play a big role in the upcoming issues. In fact, one of the strongest parts of this issue is building interest in the title's future. It resurrects an important question in Deadpool's life and promises to eventually reveal more of his past... just not yet.

ORIGINAL SIN's "cameo" is basically here to hype what's to come, but a good chunk of this issue actually deals with Deadpool figuring out how to counter Dracula's actions. If you have no idea why Dracula's in this book, there's no need to worry because you can always rely on this series for a concise recap page (with an adorable picture, too!). To top that off, co-writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn make this issue very new reader friendly without leaving us pre-existing fans bored or wondering when we'll move forward instead of just explaining what already went down. They deliver a fast-paced course of events in this one, as well. If you're not enjoying an action sequence, odds are they're throwing in some good laughs as the plot moves forward. I'll avoid ruining the joke, but there's a great little gag with another popular hero and the ending has the potential for serious amounts of fun.

Val Staples is once again doing a thoroughly awesome job with the colors and the artwork is by John Lucas. The opening page does a terrific job setting the scene and the rest of the first bit is definitely the visual highlight of this chapter. Everything from the immersive look at the room to the fun way Deadpool battles a vampire moves fluidly and sells the energy. The two also do solid work creating a critical double-page spread. The way it's set-up makes it easy your your eyes to follow the captions and the expressions were very well done.

The Bad

The biggest bummer here is the visuals seem inconsistent. The issue opens on a strong note, but facial features and the attention to shading on them fluctuates a fair amount. Also, trying to convey motion sometimes makes it look like the moving object is melting and Deadpool's mask appears a little too loose at times.

The Verdict

DEADPOOL #29 hits us with some solid laughs and a fun course of events. In the end, it feels like it's mostly laying down building blocks for the upcoming issues, but it makes sure this is all done in a totally entertaining fashion. It's a shame the visuals feel inconsistent and there aren't any big teasers about Deadpool's origin, but despite that, Duggan and Posehn absolutely have me interested in this series' future.

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Posted By TheCheeseStabber

I dunno I had such high hopes for his issue and it just felt really rushed and the event crammed in to reveal information tat the story could have done organically


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Edited By dagmar_merrill

Loved the story kind of hated the art.

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Posted By Fenderxx

Love this series, but ya ... this issue was good, but not as great as I was hoping, cant wait to see what comes out of this tho,

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Posted By CaptainHoopla

Solid setup issue. Art is subjective, my subjective opinion is it's not good and way too different of a style from every other artist that has worked on this series. Faces are quite bad to the point of distraction. Having said that, Hail Hydra!

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Edited By dagmar_merrill

@thecheesestabber said:

I dunno I had such high hopes for his issue and it just felt really rushed and the event crammed in to reveal information tat the story could have done organically



Which panel? Edit: Here is the page I think you're talking about

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Posted By signal11

Ugh, what awful art.

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Posted By WaveMotionCannon

Love the story could do without the art. The " Akeem the Dream" reference made me Lol!

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Posted By optimusfunk

I thought time travel was a no-go?

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Edited By ms-lola

You would think that the "blast" would make those SHIELD agents recall or see truths of their own and not Deadpool's. Just an observation, not a criticism. Interesting revelation, or confirmation or whatever.

This is going to sound awful and make me out to be some kind of perv but it was really obvious, seriously it was, and I just feel like I have to share it, haha. Is having Deadpool's gun holster placed directly over his groin some kind of running gag? Panel after panel of seeing it made me think it was. It is, right?

(not a perv)

I loved the gag with the birth certificate. Just too perfect.

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Posted By Wowlock

Also Deadpool going back and bringing back the old Dazzler to deal with in the future ? I bet Mystique won't like that :D

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Posted By dagmar_merrill

@hislolita: That's not any running gag I have ever noticed. Chalk it down to artists interpretation?

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Posted By ms-lola


Haha, okay. I thought I ruined Deadpool for myself since I can't help but look there from now on but considering it's Deadpool, it just enhances an already hilarious experience.