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Clone #5 Review


Who is the original Serge? How will the Vice President vote?

The Good

Foss is dead, and Jennifer almost dies avenging him. The Vice President makes final decision on stem cell research. There's something darker brewing inside of this cloning experiment and Luke finds out who the original "Serge" is.

The first story really wraps up here. Prior to this issue, this book really just read as a mini-series. A lot of new questions arise as this issue plows forward. We finally get to see the fate of the Vice President's daughter, and we discover who the Alpha, or original, of the clones is. You probably have guessed by now that it is Luke. There's a ton happening in this issue, and it's paced so well, and each of the smaller stories, in this book, come together perfectly to create comic book bliss thanks to the writing of David Schulner.

We also catch the first glimpses of the Beta clone. This will be one very interesting upcoming storyline, since the Beta is a stronger and faster version than his other counter-parts. He also has no remorse, so he would make the perfect killer. While it seems like this book was going to struggle a bit going on, this issue really gives this, so far, fantastic series some great new legs.

Artist Juan Jose Ryp and colorist Felix Serrano, once again, do a phenomenal job at telling this story artistically. They do some great work right from the start while Jennifer is involved in a fire fight. I've always loved the way Ryp draws people getting shot or hurt. The blood always looks a bit like red foam, in moments of action. Ryp really shines in the close up shots later in the issue with the Vice President. I love all the line work and wrinkles he puts into these characters, yet he keeps the clothes pretty basic. Visually, you'll get lost in all the detail he puts into his background work. It's just as brilliant as his foreground work.

I loved the final page of this issue for numerous reasons. It answers the question the reader is dying to know, without making them wait a month to find out. The mystery is revealed, but that doesn't mean the reader won't read next month's issue. They're still hooked in. There's a lot to take in with that final page. On top of all of that, Ryp's art shines here, once again. I love the perspective on this final splash page and the use of color by Serrano. Great way to end the issue.

The Bad

I had no real problems with the issue. There were minor ones, here and there, with how Ryp placed faces on a couple of heads, but aside from that, this was a stellar issue.

The Verdict

The first arc of CLONE wraps up here, and the story gets a bit deeper. Ryp does a great job with the art on this issue and you'll get lost in the detail he puts into this book. Daniel Schulner has created one fantastic book that features a story focusing on cloning, done right. I highly suggest tracking the first four issue down to catch up. There's a reason this book has been on my Top of the Pile list a few times. It's a fantastic read that's incredibly grounded.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue and this series. If you can't afford it, then drop another book and pick this one up. You won't be disappointed.

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Hmm, i though this was a limited series.

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@Mucklefluga Originally but i guess it was a success for it to be an ongoing.

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@brownghost said:

@Mucklefluga Originally but i guess it was a success for it to be an ongoing.

Hopefully the same with Comeback, i love the concept and have heard the issues are great.

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loving this series

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Decided to save the best for last this week. Clone #5 was another knock out. As a long time fan of Ryp's art it thrills me that its paired with such an engaging story. Slowly but surely the VP is becoming one of my favorite characters.

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So two of my posts were blank but one was about how Clone is in my top 3 books. The other post about how it might have been originally solicited as a mini for the first issue.

After reading the latest issue this is my #1 book.