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Batman/Superman #1 - Cross World Review


Is this really the first meeting of the two heroes? You'll be amazed by the story and visuals here.

The Good

When this series was first announced, many asked if it was necessary. The answer is, "Hell yeah we do!"

With Greg Pak doing his first DC book and with Jae Lee doing the art (along with Ben Oliver in the 'back up'), there's a lot to look forward to. One of the big questions many had (including myself) was how could this be their first meeting if we saw it in JUSTICE LEAGUE #1? Pak makes it work brilliantly and it makes perfect sense.

Back to the question of whether or not we need this series, there is an importance in fleshing out the relationship between these two. We've caught glimpses already of their friendship but never saw how it developed in the New 52. This is where their personalities can be fleshed out a bit since they often come across as too matter-of-fact in their own titles. This could be where they let their guard down a little while taking on incredible odds. And with the story set up here, it opens up a crazy can of worms.

Jae Lee's art is amazing. I can't remember the last time Gotham City was depicted in this fashion. You definitely won't want to visit. The way he draws Batman, Bruce Wayne, Superman, Clark Kent and Catwoman is worth the price of admission. He draws some beautiful and scary scenes at the same time. Ben Oliver's portion looks great as well and continues to build on the feeling generated in the story.

The Bad

I was concerned this might be just a gimmick book with two popular characters featured just to sell books. That concern was blown away as this series is off to a great start.

The Verdict

This is the Batman/Superman book we want and deserve. I had some problems with the later issues of the previous SUPERMAN/BATMAN in the pre-New 52. With Greg Pak, Jae Lee and Ben Oliver on this series, it's like we're being spoiled. We have an intriguing set up with gorgeous visuals. The direction of this first story seems a little crazy but its a nice and ambitious beginning to what looks like a successful new series. This is definitely a book to check out ASAP.

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Posted by gmanfromheck
Edited by dondave

A very good issue

Posted by xblah_blahx

Great issue! Still trying to get used to the art though.

Posted by The Stegman

Can't wait to pick this up today!

Edited by ObsideonDarman

I was a bit apprehensive of the series when it was first announced but the positive reaction to this book has made me add it to my pull list. Looking forward to reading it.

Posted by UltimateSMfan

this issue was Incredible!

Posted by kennybaese

I'm probably going to be holding off and reading this in trade, but I'm super happy to see that it's good. Two of my favorite creators on this book was sure to be a win for me.

Posted by 34g3f3ert3t43

So this may be a spoiler-ish question, but how do they explain Batman's "first" meeting with Superman in JL#21?

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

Can't wait to read it.

Posted by lifeboy

I am happy about this. I know I'm going to like itfor so many reasons, but what I am most looking forward to is Catwoman being in it. But I am going to go ape $ h! T over the Superman/ Wonder Woman title! I love seeing attractive men and women together (especially when they are both leaders of ....well, EVERYTHING!).

Edited by Blue_Lantern_Franko

@n1colaspr1me: This!!! I have been wondering all week as well hmmm

Posted by theTimeStreamer

kind of confusing story and the art didnt work at all with the tone of the book. 3.5 at most.

Posted by Nahuel

I have never read something written by Greg Pak, but i can't wait to read this series and this review left me more eager...

Posted by Cavemold

You didnt mind the different art style ben oliver gave.I do wonder if this means ben and jae lee will be tag teaming. Im little worried Jae lee cant produce monthly if he's already having a co artist with him@g_man

Edited by FadeToBlackBolt
Posted by saoakden

Can't wait to read it.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

The art is just beautiful!

Posted by heelhamlett82

Hurry up 3:30 so I can pick up my copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Really looking forward to reading this.

Posted by Kerrigan

I'd probably have gone for 3.5 stars. All right, but kind of flat, lacking good interaction, relying too heavily on interior monologue. Also felt they should have been able to move the plot along more.

The art is outstanding.


I liked it

Posted by lvenger

A very good start to Pak's run. Looks like he has something in store for us!

Posted by Mercy_

THE ART *____*

Posted by Om1kron

I'll pick it up, I haven't seen Jae Lee draw anything since deathblow.

Posted by The Average Bear

So this may be a spoiler-ish question, but how do they explain Batman's "first" meeting with Superman in JL#21?

They haven't yet

Posted by Metric_Outlaw

The art in this is so great.

Posted by Dud317

Isn't the whole point of this series to focus on the their relationship?

Why is Catwoman around? It seems like a pointless addition, especially if she's possessed. Why establish a new threat via another threat?

I get that Bruce is the 'World's Best Detective' and it's totally something he's capable of, but figuring out Clark's identity this fast felt like a waste. It was something they could've expanded on. It just felt rushed.

However, getting inside each of their heads during the fight as they analyze and deduce their opponents abilities, that was AWESOME!

Posted by badaboop

@dud317: He didn't, at least not our Batman. I assume you're talking about the little encounter near the end. It seems that was Earth 2's Batman, that's why Superman comments on the fact that he's wearing a different costume. This would account for why Batman recognizes him, but Clark still regards him as an enemy.

Posted by Immortal777

I really enjoyed it and loved the art.

Posted by gbpack089

The story is great if a little slow but as amazing as the art is it does get hard to tell what is happening in some panels.

Posted by paralaxsteve

I was unsure on whether to pick this book up but I'm so glad I did it was such a good book and the art is amazing it has this real gritty almost gothic feel to it and what an opening story I just wish I didn't have to wait a month to read more.

Edited by Owie

I liked Jae Lee some years back but hadn't kept up with him. Impressive.

I didn't understand what the hell happened in the last several pages there but I assume it will all be explained eventually.

Edited by The Stegman

Not gonna lie, was a bit confused, maybe @g_man Can clear it up.

Okay, so I understand the beginning where they meet in Gotham. And the part where Batman encounters a possessed(?) Catwoman in Metropolis.


Did whatever that was possessing Catwoman hop into Superman? Is that why he's lost track of how he ended up in Smallville? Also, how DID they get there?? And is that Earth 2 Batman???

I loved the art, and the beginning, but the last several pages were confusing as hell, and now I have to wait a month to get answers.

Posted by mbembet

meh i'm gonna download it via piratebay!!!

Posted by batmannflash

loved it!

Edited by spinningbirdcake

@the_stegman: I think whatever was possessing Catwoman teleported them to Earth 2. I'm certain the same thing happened to Batman, we just didn't see where he was sent to. Remember Catwoman mentions that they're both gone.

Posted by nappystr8

It's never a good sign when a 1st issue already has art duties split between multiple teams. Even if both art teams are terrific and their is a logical narrative reason for the switch. It just doesn't feel like a good way to welcome your reader into a new series.

I thought this issue got off to a really terrific start with Bruce and Clark (not Batman and Superman) meeting for the first time. From there I felt like the issue really started to fall apart with what seems like a cliche and unnecessarily complicated main villain and a bunch of bizarre Waynetech robo-zombies. But the character writing remained consistent and on point for both stars, and the way Superman interacted with Earth 2 Batman was fun enough to make me return for issue 2. I'm still not sure if I'll stick with this book for the long run yet.

Edited by noj

LOVED this issue. While some of Jae Lee's art can be a bit unclear its still brilliant. I cant wait to see where they go from here.

Posted by longbowhunter

Liked the first half far more than the latter. Jae Lee rocked this issue. Ben Oliver did a good job with the transitional art. Similar but different, I guess to signify being on another Earth. Probably come back for issue #2. Hope to see more of Clark and Bruce.

Posted by JamDamage

I haven't read this yet, but I'm ECSTATIC Jae Lee is on a mainstreem title again. He's so pretty. Never expected this tho. He's so noir. I can see him on Batman, but Superman? I can't wait. He's so underrated, and people love his style that other people have ripped off. You can see his influence on Green Arrow, and I,Vampire.

Posted by XSpectreGreyX

While Lee has some great art (the panels with Bruce on the bench were awesome), his Superman just looks wrong. The writing is good, in that it effectively sets ups the differences between Bruce and Clark, and the story has potential, but it also feels messy in places. I'll at least read until the end of this story arc, and hopefully it's a good story.

Posted by The_Vein

I must be insane, but I can't stand Jae Lee's art. Every page I saw just felt like wasted potential. The splash of Superman busting into the apartment to fight Batman was especially bad, Superman looked like he was possessed or dead or something. I'll struggle through the bad art because the story is so interesting, but I'm hoping Jae Lee falls behind and gets replaced soon.

Posted by jayc1324

@badaboop: I read the issue and was confused at that part. If that was a different batman, then what happened to the original batman?

Edited by The_Tree

I loved that Bruce was wearing his pre-Batman getup from Year One.

Posted by zarrarzeez

Just finished reading it and it was amazing!! To anyone who has heard others talk about the artwork being horrible, ignore them. The art is what makes this book. The story is really good too and the characters are developed in a way where you can really understand where they are coming from and why they are acting the way they do. First issues are always difficult to write, but Greg Pak stepped up and delivered as expected. I would have to say 4.5 out of 5

Posted by tomlikesfries

This was actually a lot better than I expected. The art is outstanding, as is the plot, although it was a little confusing by the end, but I'm sure we'll get answers in the near future.

Posted by Breadspread

@tomlikesfries: I agree about the end, I also found it confusing, although it's probably deliberate, at least I hope so. I think it's a good thing to have some unanswered questions after only one issue.

I really hope the next one is better. This issue did have an interesting take on an old story, but this meeting has been told at least a dozen different times in a dozen different ways, was this the best one?

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