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Batman: Li'l Gotham #6 - Lunar New Year Review


Damian and Katana go on their own adventure.

The Good

Damian and Katana team up to find the Blade of the Jade Serpent. Alfred reveals that he used to kick some major butt, too, and he was Batman's driver. Where's Batman? Meeting with the board of directors because you can't fight crime all the time.

This book is always a ton of fun. This is the type of book you want to read when you want a simple, comical, one-shot story. It'll put a smile on your face.

Let's be honest, you're picking this up because Dustin Nguyen is drawing Batman in his beautiful art style. However, what keeps you happy, with every issue, is the story, written by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs. There's nothing else on the shelf to compare this to, that I can think of. The stories are a bit out there, but they really work, when paired up with the art. The highlight of the issue, for me, was seeing Alfred and Batman working together, during Bruce's first few years as the Bat. I really just liked seeing Alfred throw a few punches.

I'm a big Damian Wayne fan, and I love how he's portrayed in this issue. He's a tough guy, but this book doesn't forget that he's a kid. He gets super-excited about the events around him and shouts it out. LI'L GOTHAM treats Damian more like a kid than a sidekick, and it's the most charming element of the series and this issue in particular.

Nguyen's art style is so awesome. The guy is amazing. I love everything about his work. His color work here really shines, as well as his black and white scenes. It amazes me the amount of awesome he can create with water colors.

It's only 99 cents. If you're not buying this, then you're crazy and you hate fun, life, puppies, and rainbows.

The Bad

This isn't the world of Batman you're used to. It's a much lighter Batman and world. It's not a bad thing, but it's very different, and if you've never read this book before, you may have a little problem adjusting.

I'm a huge fan of this digital series, but this issue was not my favorite. I was a bigger fan when all the issues were holiday based. I am glad we're getting more of this series though.

The Verdict

BATMAN: LI'L GOTHAM is the funnest thing on the digital shelves. Sure, you can pick up a physical copy a month down the road, but this book, to me, works better in the digital format. It's a super fun issue featuring Alfred beating up some people while Damian gets excited. The story is fun and the art is beautiful. Plus, it's cheap, so go get it.

On the down side, if you're expecting "the Dark Knight" then you may want to buy.... THE DARK KNIGHT because this is a very light-hearted and fun book.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue and series.