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Batman: Li'l Gotham #17 - Bird Watching Review


What happens when Batman's away on a cruise? Well, we saw that last issue but here's what's going on in Gotham during that time.

The Good

This is such a refreshing series. There's something about seeing Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen do seemingly whatever they want. Starting off with the original Hawk & Dove, you know anything goes. Their bickering is a humorous example what Fridolfs and Nguyen do with each and every issue. If that wasn't enough, wait until you see who else they included in this non-Batman issue (don't worry, he does appear later).

We all love Batman but with all the characters Fridolfs and Nguyen use, you really get an appreciation for all the other great characters.

This issue is packed with appearances, bit action (considering they're such li'l characters) and just the right amount of humor. Having each issue out digitally on a Sunday is the perfect way to start off your final day of the weekend before heading back to work or school or whatever.

This issue is a blast. The art is superb. It's great seeing Nguyen's take on all these characters makes this one of my favorite issues.

The Bad

Not a thing. There's no reason for you not to get this. It's available digitally and the price is less than a buck!

The Verdict

Each issue of BATMAN: LI'L GOTHAM is a joy. Each issue is a breath of fresh air. Comics these days can get pretty dark and dreary. That's great for telling "mature" stories but there are times we simply need pure entertainment. That's what Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen do in each issue. They take the essence of what makes Batman and all his surrounding characters so great and add a sort of magical touch to them. Set in its own continuity, this is a "universe" I can't get enough of. With the availability of the 'digital first' format, picking up an issue is easy without having to worry about venturing out. It's the perfect comic to read while you're in your pajamas on a Sunday morning. Everyone needs to be reading BATMAN: LI'L GOTHAM.

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It'd be so great if this series was weekly.

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Loved it so cute!

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I just want to buy it as a physical!!

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@lyrafay: you can. You just have to wait longer.

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I read these in print. Always a lot of fun and the art is great. Between Lil Gotham, FF and Regular Show, my pull has a dash of all ages fun.

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Where did you download this? I use Amazon, and I can't find it. Anyone know when it'll come up? This one sounds good.

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@evilmime13: It's on the DC app or comiXology. They're released in printed (single) issues as well.

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Yeah we totally need more Batman titles.

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this series is way much better than the entire new52 crap