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Batman, Incorporated #9 - Fallen Son Review


It's the aftermath of the events that impacted all of the Bat-titles. The story is far from over.

The Good

We've seen the aftermath in the other titles. What's great is picking up right after the events from last issue. The fight may have taken a slight pause but there's still plenty to see. An unfortunate incident like this should not just fade into the next day. If we're going to lose a character that many enjoy, we deserve to see the immediate reaction of everyone around. You can see the pain on Bruce's face, something we rarely ever get to see. Having the story switch back to glimpses of the aftermath really punctuates what is happening and will happen when the meat of the action is over.

If you're looking for action, you will find some here. You can imagine that Batman, Nightwing and others will react over the death of their comrade. Having the rip-roaring action switch to the serene (and painful) scene of the funeral really knocks you for a loop. One of the most touching scenes occurs in the Batcave, between Batman and an unlikely other. Once you read the issue, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Not only is this dealing with the moments after the death, Morrison is taking the story to the next level. We're seeing the reaction from others in the city. You have to keep in mind that Leviathan's attack didn't just target Batman, all of Gotham is feeling the destruction.

Chris Burnham does capture the chaotic and devastating pace of the story. This is Batman in the middle of a war. There is plenty of loss and destruction and it shows.

The Bad

Again when the art shifts from Burnham to Jason Masters, it's a distraction. It pulls you out of the story for a bit. Masters art is clean and similar enough to Burnham but there is a slight lack of the gritty detail that Burnham's art uses to enhance each panel.

It still feels like we need more information on what Leviathan is up to. The fight at Wayne Towers feels like it suddenly ends and the story seems to advanced a little in time, which isn't fully clear how much.

Then there's the stuff going on with Jason...

The Verdict

This was a great follow up to last issue. Even though the other Bat-titles have jump past these events, it's great to see what happened next. We get some rare and personal glimpses into what Bruce is going through and you can definitely feel the pain he's going through. Morrison is pushing the story and concept further along. You can see we're close to his endgame and there's the feeling it's all about to explode. Morrison and Burnham are cooking with fire and it feels like things are going to get even crazier before the story's over. You won't want to miss this issue.

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Ah Morrison, you evil son of a B!tch, how dare you kill Damian.

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This has been a great story. I was wondering about the continuity of the whole thing. We know that it takes place after Death of the Family because Damien was involved. What I am confused about is Jason Todd.

In his own book after Death of the Family Jason is hit with acid in his mask by the Joker and in Batman INC. there is no sign or reference to that. In the last issue of Red Hood that was a Requiem issue Jason is apologizing to Bruce for failing him (not clear if it was their personal issues or Damien) but in INC he was captured by Talia. He can't be bed ridden and captured by Talia. It is giving me a headache. Scott Snyder did say that Death of the Family took place continuity wise in about a week.

Does Batman INC. take place interwoven in the other Bat stories or is it self-contained? It is in continuity obviously but it is a serious headache to keep up with. I read Batman Batman INC. and Batman and Robin normally (dropped Nightwing and Batgirl after Death of the Family). Can somebody explain to me whats up? Am I the only one going what?

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Yeah, I'm mostly with you on this one. The stuff going on with Jason is very bizarre. He only gets like two panels, and it almost looked like the beginning of an orgy.

It was great to see the immediate aftermath of the battle, and we get to see some pretty kick butt Nightwing action. The emotional scenes, which made up about forty % of the book, all worked nicely. The art shift did not bug me this time.

I do have an issue with the tank not killing anybody.

Anyway, a good issue overall.

The BatWatch Review is up.

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@thanosofatlanta: That was actually a paragraph in The Bad section. He looks fine here. I ended up deleted it because I felt I might be nit-picking too much. Continuity? What's that? I just wanna focus and enjoy this story.

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Posted By Mucklefluga

I say it every month, it's the best DC series out there. In my opinion of course.

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Why can't we give ratings to books anymore?

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@g_man: I get that we should just enjoy the story and not worry about continuity. If the editorial doesn't care, then why should we? However, DC decided to have Batman in more than one title and in my opinion should work harder and reconciling inconsistencies. He is the proverbial "Father" of a large and complex family. Avengers vs. X-Men was an editorial nightmare. I don't get how they justify all this torture Batman endures. He has been tortured and hounded by the Court of Owls, The Joker messed with his mind, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, David Graves, Atlantis Attacks, Leviathan and now the Death of his Son. Batman should have a mental breakdown. Maybe in Trinity War, he will.

Besides all of that it is a great great story so far.

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This whole Leviathan thing is shaping up to be much bigger than I expected. I liked seeing brief appearances from the other Batman Inc. agents. Really enjoyed this issue.

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Ah Morrison, you evil son of a B!tch, how dare you kill Damian.


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Good and emotional stuff, although I can't really say I'm a fan of some of the directions Morrison is taking the story, especially the scene with the british prime minister what cheap writing

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Where the hello is Ras? I think he must be off limits by mandate after that clip we saw of him in Justice League. However, he really needs to get his sh!t together and come lay the smack down on his daughter. Even when unleashing plagues on Gotham or kidnapping Robin, Ras has always had respect for the Detective. He's never engaged in the sort of personal attacks Talia is. Plus, I doubt he'd be too happy to hear about his grandson dying.

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Is the Heretic actually supposed to be Batman 666?

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Posted By TheRobberBarron

I didn't really get the feeling of emotions here...Batman felt stiff and the art was awful as usual. I honestly don't think anyone would read this series if it wasn't for Robin dying.

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Just not ready to accept Damian's death, he was cool. Bat-Cow :)

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I didn't really get the feeling of emotions here...Batman felt stiff and the art was awful as usual. I honestly don't think anyone would read this series if it wasn't for Robin dying.

This series has been a top seller even before Damian's death.


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@therobberbarron said:

I didn't really get the feeling of emotions here...Batman felt stiff and the art was awful as usual. I honestly don't think anyone would read this series if it wasn't for Robin dying.

This series has been a top seller even before Damian's death.


You may have me on that one but just because something is a top seller doesn't mean its good. Just look at the first 3 story arcs of Justice League.

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@sleepbutnodream15: Yes, if you go back and re-read issue 8 Damian pretty much sums that up while he talks to Alfred right before he leaves.