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Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 Review


A new era of Spider-Man is upon us!


Please, do yourself a favor and read AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 700 now. Do not read this review of AVENGING SPIDER-MAN if you haven't gotten a hold of ASM 700. Don't read this issue if you haven't read ASM 700.

You've been warned.

The Good

What an amazing issue. I loved every page of this one, and it's the perfect compliment to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 700. I didn't know what to expect of this book, after the stunning events of ASM 700, but what we get here is a fantastic story of Doc Ock's first few days as Peter Parker without a care in the world, since the real Peter Parker is gone.

Writer Chris Yost really captures the idea of becoming someone else and adjusting to that life and lifestyle. Yost does a great job with ParkerOck's dialogue here, and I love seeing Ock come to his final conclusion at the end of the issue, especially after seeing the former version of himself be incredibly "super-villainy" on a television screen. AvSM 15.1 does feature a lot of internal dialogue from Ock, and it flows incredibly well with the story.

If you want to know how Superior Spider-Man gets his costume, then this is the issue for you. Spread throughout the issue, we get to see ParkerOck start to put together his new version of the Spider-Man costume, which involves a bit more gadgets and improvements, but not in a ridiculous way, like that armored Spider-Man from the 90s (Sorry for bringing that up). What we're left with is a costume that is a lot like the original, with some color changes, and a few additions here and there. While we don't know everything about this new costume and it's abilities, Yost gives you enough now to keep you interested.

The art team of Paco Medina on pencils, Jaun Vlasco on inks, and Dave Curiel on colors was extremely solid here. It has a clear, crisp style and the colors really pop here. Medina does a great job with facial expressions as well, which is insanely important here because one man is stuck in another man's body. This is a whole new Peter Parker, and it's shown through some great sneers and other expressions that make the character come off as arrogant. Brilliant work.

The Bad

No real problems with this issue. I was blown away with it. If I want to be nit-picky, I wasn't too keen on the final splash page in this issue. Artwise, I thought it looked good, but Spidey's pose looks a tad awkward.

The Verdict

If you can't tell by now, I loved this issue. It was great to see Ock become Spider-Man and Peter Parker, but what I enjoyed most was seeing this costume come together. It all makes sense. While I'm sure there's tons of people not to happy with the outcome of 700, I think it's going to work fine. This is a new era of Spider-Man, and it's a very interesting change. I can't wait to see the new SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN series.

The writing and art here are top notch, and you'll be engulfed from start to finish with this issue. I didn't have any real problems with this book except I thought Spider-Man's pose on the final page was a tad awkward.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

AVENGING SPIDER-MAN 15.1 gets 5 surprise kisses out of 5
AVENGING SPIDER-MAN 15.1 gets 5 surprise kisses out of 5
Avatar image for lordrequiem
Posted by LordRequiem

This is not a good idea. You can't change Spider-man this much without completely changing the character that everyone loves.

Avatar image for thetimestreamer
Posted by theTimeStreamer

the crap storm cometh.

Avatar image for cacarl
Posted by cacarl

Now I want to read this, even when I stopped reading Spider-Man 10 years ago.

Avatar image for fastblender
Posted by Fastblender

No mention of how Doc Ock's characterization in this issue is vastly different than the one in ASM 700?

Avatar image for lostlantern13
Posted by lostlantern13

The first few pages of this story is why I'm jumping off at first stop. I'll spoil black it out for those who haven't read and look to reviews to see if they should read a book or not.

I can't read or get behind a book where the main character is celebrating that he murdered someone - especially when that someone is a character that I've always enjoyed. Then, as Fastblender says, the characterization seems all out of whack. I imagine a bunch of people will screw that up, too.

Avatar image for connor110693
Posted by connor110693

you know i have to comment on this because this story is getting alot of heat, and after 700 i was unsure, but this issue really helped me get into otto as peter , i mean he will be back eventually but the thing is that lab scene is what won me over, the characterisation wasnt different at the end of 700 he did state he would be superior almost egotistical and he was still that at the beggining of avenging but the lab scene was when he realised why he lost and peter won and his character development into becoming a hero was there its just the beginning of his journey and it one i never thought i would look forward to but i am, the moment he punches the screen signafies his realization of what he was doing wrong and all of his mistakes which is what he suggest when he puts on the costume, and i believe he is changing and hes not an outright hero yet but hes on the journey to become one, and i cant help but look forward to see where this goes.

Avatar image for queenfrost_
Posted by queenfrost_

Is it just me or do the surprise kisses just scream 'rape culture'...idk it gives me weird vibes

Avatar image for spinningwebs
Posted by spinningwebs

I really liked this issue and can't wait to read superior spider-man. not sure why everybody is on the hate bandwagon :P

Avatar image for comicace3
Edited by comicace3

@queenfrost_ said:

Is it just me or do the surprise kisses just scream 'rape culture'...idk it gives me weird vibes

It is kinda wierd

Avatar image for trevel8182
Posted by Trevel8182

I enjoyed this more than 700 surprisingly it did a much better job of characterizing Doc Ock and made me alot more comfortable with him as spider-man even though it's pretty messed up stealing someones life.

Avatar image for radread
Posted by Radread

It's going to be an interesting ride that's for sure.

Avatar image for iaconpoint
Edited by iaconpoint

It's too bad the current state of Spider-Man sucks so bad, especially since Doc Ock has always been my favorite Spidey villain, but this is just awful. Of course it has been for the past 15 years so why change things now?

Avatar image for iancoderre3
Edited by iancoderre3

I was shocked when I saw the leaked pages of #700. I was mad and so was everyone else. But that is because we were being dumb and didn't wait for the full issue! It was a great story and it all came together perfectly. I understood everything that had to happen. I'm glad I bought it! People are reacting because they are afraid of change. If things didn't change, eventually, people will lose interest. (Yeah, same thing as before. Spidey wins) There is no "on the edge of your seat" reactions anymore. Just like when Halo 4 came out with its new developments. People freaked out saying that they are copying from Call of Duty. Not true, Halo needed to change in order to draw in new fans and also make Halo better to play, otherwise, its just like the rest of the Halo games. I hope marvel doesn't give in to the crying fans and bring back Peter. I want Superior Spidey to run for at least a hundred issues. Whos' with me?

Avatar image for aranhamarcial
Edited by AranhaMarcial

I can only say that and very very sad but because I (24) my (50) father and my grandfather (now deceased) grids were fans of Spiderman and but above all fans of Peter Parker. I must say there both in the U.S. and in Brazil (I'm Brazilian) as anywhere in the world all TRUE fans and followers of Paker / Spiderman we mourn! Good and Love won in the end I'm sure that Fe that light triumphs over darkness.

Avatar image for cptpanda29
Posted by CptPanda29

After ASM #700 I'm not paying for any more Marvel until Parker is back. Not only is this body swapping effin' gross, you don't become Spider-Man by getting away with murder.

Avatar image for comicfan93
Edited by ComicFan93

I'll leave my comments on this whole storyline as a spoiler alert, but trust me, they're negative.

I completely despise the idea of Doc Ock, or anyone for that matter, murdering Peter Parker and becoming him. Not only was this an overly incompetent sendoff to Parker, the fact that Doc Ock possesses Parker's body is just.....creepy. It's incredibly distasteful with a rapey vibe towards MJ. What I hate most is the fact that Doc Ock gets away with murder, takes Peter's body and life, and in the end, we're actually supposed to feel sympathy for him. At this point, I have no interest for what Doc Ock does as Spider-Man, and am NEVER buying a single issue of this garbage until they bring back Peter Parker.

Avatar image for blackkitty
Edited by blackkitty

I can think of a serious bad, I don't want to give things away but, can only say if doc ock had asked for help and this happened by accident, would be totally more willing to buy into it than this. The way it occurred, I just can't see why I'm supposed to like him.

Avatar image for i_stay_puft
Posted by I_Stay_Puft

Ock saw Aunt May naked, nuff said. Superior Spiderman, more like Creepy Spiderman.

Avatar image for frozenedge
Edited by frozenedge

You hear that? It's the millions of Spidey fans screaming their hatred at a sudden change in character that they say they've wanted for a while now but didn't really want. I actually enjoyed this issue. It's always nice to see how as dramatic a change as this will affect characters

Avatar image for queenfrost_
Edited by queenfrost_

@comicace3: Like...she doesn't even seem in to it. And its not even peter parker. Ew.

Avatar image for powerhouse1122
Posted by powerhouse1122

Still can't escape the fact that An OLD DIRTY PERVERT is inside the body of the greatest superhero ever and not to mention murdering and stealing somebody else's life?! Yeah he may have merged w parker BUT HE's STILL NOT PETER PARKER!! This is so heartbreaking

Avatar image for artisticneedham
Edited by ArtisticNeedham

I am a little confused because 700 seemed to have Doc Ock have a different character and reaction than he did in this one. Both are good, but seem different. Plus I do feel creepy about Ock in Peter's body/life. Him pretending to be Peter at Horizon, especially dating MJ. eww.

But they interrupted that scene, and I am sure they wouldn't ever let a scene like that not get interrupted and eventually Superior Spider-man will not mess with MJ, the writers just need to address that over time. They wont have Superior Spider-Man have sex with MJ because that would be creepy.

Avatar image for theprez
Posted by ThePRez

@ArtisticNeedham: this is the same problem I had with this issue

Avatar image for illo_29
Posted by ILLO_29

Why does everyone cry for change and then get mad when they get it? Why are so many people not happy either way? Shake stuff up or just wright A+B= C stories, damned if you do damned if you don't. Here's my take and yea there might some spoilers.

We all know that this won't last I give it 6-10 issues and Peter will be back. Does anyone really think that anyone would let Peter Parker go down like that? Does anyone stop to think that maybe Peter knew exactly what he was doing when let Doc Ock's body die? Peter know's better then to trust Ock, I feel he had something up his sleeve when he "gave up". Keep in mind that there's an Ock-bot lying around probably with all of Peter's memories, mind and everything else encoded on it. That's the out, that's how Peter Park comes back from the dead.

That being said. I do agree the whole MJ thing does have a bit of creepy to it.

Everyone just needs to sit back and enjoy the ride (I'm talking to you 75% of people that say they won't buy Superior Spider-man but will.) This isn't so much the end of series as it the beginning of a new one. If Peter Parker pull's off what I think he will then that makes him the far superior Spider-Man in the end wouldn't it?

Avatar image for hiddensix
Posted by Hiddensix


Avatar image for innervenom123
Posted by InnerVenom123

@Fastblender said:

No mention of how Doc Ock's characterization in this issue is vastly different than the one in ASM 700?

It really isn't.

He's just realizing what he needs to do, and how to do it. 700 is just the idea beginning.

Avatar image for moonchilde
Posted by Moonchilde

This review was brought to you by Marvel Entertainment, LLC.

Avatar image for artisticneedham
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

@ThePRez: At the end of 700 Superior Spider-man seemed motivated by wanting to be a real hero (pushed by Peter Parker's past and memories and choices) and here instead it seems like Superior Spider-man is motivated by wanting to prove he is better than Peter and better than Ock, he looks down on them as wanting. Not that it was written badly, good issue, just seemed different. Personally I left 700 feeling optimistic about how Superior Spider-Man would try to live up to Peter's example, but here I was left worried that Superior Spider-man wouldn't care or try to honor Peter Parker.

Makes me wonder where this Superior Spider-Man character will go, what his true motivations will be and will i like them?

Avatar image for thetimestreamer
Posted by theTimeStreamer

@ILLO_29: stop trying to appear knowledgeable about comics when you're a total noob. nobody has been asking for a change in spider-man. all we've been asking for were good stories. not this crap. this OMD level if not beyonfd crap.

Avatar image for eagledmasters
Posted by Eagledmasters

Back to the point many comments are making here:

Some of us felt much more at ease about the extreme events of #700 because of it's last few pages, where it seems a real change of heart is happening for you-know-who. But then, it feels like that beautiful character redemption is ignored in this Avenging Spider-Man issue, and that is what I just don't get. ?

Avatar image for wiggi
Posted by Wiggi

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Spidey fans suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

Avatar image for weenman1
Posted by weenman1

Terrible storyline but adamantium webshooters is a great idea!

Avatar image for longbowhunter
Posted by longbowhunter

I like Chris Yost. Wish I had this issue to read.

Avatar image for derf_jenkins
Posted by derf_jenkins

Is Avenging Spidey going to still be Peter?

Avatar image for lamerouge
Posted by Lamenoire
@theTimeStreamer: stop being condescending about someone who give his opinion. 
Maybe you actually want to re-read the same stories all over again? in that case you don't have to buy new books... 
 Change is essential in comics 

to everyone who is complaining about Peter Parker/ the way superior is handled : 
  • he will come back, one way or another 
  • we dont't know yet in what direction Superior will go
  • Dan Slott always said he would go into hiding between 700 and superior 1, because he would be safe after we read it. 
Avatar image for darkmount1
Posted by Darkmount1

@Hiddensix: Okay, pal, in light of last week's REALLY UNFORTUNATE shooting, don't get any funny ideas.

Overall, I think there should've been some alternative endings discussed beforehand WAY before this issue and ASM #700 came out.

Avatar image for silverageguy
Posted by silverageguy

This just continues the train wreck that has been the Spiderman title for the last few years. Im fed up with stories that are designed to shock instead of satisfy. First it was the debacle of "One More Day" which ended the grestest love story in comic history. (with a satanic bargain no less.) Then came the erasure of 20 years of Spidey history with "Brand New Day." Now we have one of Peter Parkers greatest most destructive enemies assuming his life.The implications involving Mary Jane are stomach turning. This is a mockery of a great American icon. Marvel should re title it "Same @#*! Diffrrent Day.." This was no way to celebrate50 years of one of Marvels greatest creations. Perhaps the immortal words of Ben Grimm say it best. "What a revoltin' development." I know Peter will eventually return ,but this a detour I dont want to take. Slott and company should not be rewarded with any of my hard earned cash for such a disgusting and ridiculous story line. Even the new costume is beyond stupid. "Nuff said"

Avatar image for johnanderson7001
Posted by johnanderson7001

@CptPanda29: i think this issue shows that a leopard cant lose its spots..this issue solidifies my hope of superior spiderman becomig a menace, acting suspicious and finally exposed by MJ or some1 else.and peter parker comes back from the dead..but precious time and money will be lost by then,for sure..'nuff said

Avatar image for johnanderson7001
Posted by johnanderson7001

@powerhouse1122: "Still can't escape the fact that An OLD DIRTY PERVERT is inside the body of the greatest superhero ever and not to mention murdering and stealing somebody else's life?! Yeah he may have merged w parker BUT HE's STILL NOT PETER PARKER!! This is so heartbreaking"

chillax dude..hope everything goes back to normal..this is 1 retcon im rooting for..and 1 breakup im supporting!

Avatar image for planewalker
Posted by Planewalker

For me I don't care it seems fresh to the point that this "Peter" is doing all the stuff Parker never dared or wanted to commit to... But I like the Scarlet Spider more! But Ryan Stegman can't miss that.

Avatar image for illo_29
Posted by ILLO_29


I'm not going to feed the troll,

I'm not going to point out that fact that he attacks my knowledge of comics, and then uses the only part of my post that has nothing to do with comics but has more to do with certain types of people that read them (maybe I hit a little close to home) to make his point.

I'm not going to point out that Tony made pretty much this same statement in his review of ASM 700, so I'm not alone in thinking this.

I'm not going to point out that some of his recent comments seem to be him digging into other people who don't share his point of view and that other's don't bring much else to the conversation.

I'm not going to point out that I have just as much write to post my opinion as he does to his but he does not need to shove his down my throat.

I'm not going to point out how he misspelled beyond.

OK, perhaps I was a bit harsh to those who constantly complain about the comics they read but continue to read them anyway. However my point still remains, if you don't like the book, don't buy the book.

I'm not going to feed the troll, well maybe a little :)

Avatar image for thetimestreamer
Posted by theTimeStreamer

@ILLO_29: and the noob forever used defense: he's a troll. pathetic. and it's a typo.

Avatar image for the_hottness
Posted by The Hottness

This is the dumbest thing to ever happen to Spider-Man period. good art and writing won't change that...body swapping (face palm)

Avatar image for benblanks
Edited by benblanks

I feel like I'm a small corner of Spider-man fans that doesn't have much of a voice in this debacle, so here it goes. I used to consider Spider-man one of my favorite characters when it came to superheroes and he's still up there on the list just because he'll always be, for lack of a better term, a cool character based on his origin, rouges gallery, and awesome abilities, but I haven't picked up an issue since J.M.S.' run, while I loved it, other comic books started demanding more of my attention, so knowing there was going to be a great deal of commotion over #700 I finally spoiled it for myself just now and all I gotta say is this to all the angered people out there: WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?! From the Clone Saga to Brand New day Spider-man out of ALL characters in comics has been through change after continuity-altering change more than any of them! How is anyone at all surprised? If you like the change, great! If you don't, stop buying it! I hate to say it, but Spider-man for years now has been a character I've kept at arms length, I just can't keep up with it anymore, like I said in other topics I've moved on to original pieces of work that need the money, so I'm perfectly entertained just checking in on what people are saying on this here internet to see what drastic new change ol' Spidey is going through these days, and it doesn't anger me, I just go "Oh, alright. I wonder how that's playing out." I suggest anyone so enraged by this whole thing just chill out, stop reading, and do as I do, once you start hearing things are happening that sound appealing, pick it up again! Some of you act like Marvel has a gun to your head making you buy this book! YOU'RE the one who forked over the money, you can't be mad at THEM. I STILL love Spider-man for the stories in the past I consider awesome, and you know what? They're STILL on my bookshelf and I can re-read them any time I want, they aren't magically disappearing. Every day I feel like comic book fans are becoming more and more accepted by the general public, then something like this happens and death threats start flying and we all look like 'weirdos' again.

Avatar image for spidey399
Posted by Spidey399

I Liked the New Lenses

Avatar image for sheldipez
Posted by sheldipez

I thought it was a hell of an issue. There's only so long you can tell the same story over and over. It's nice to mix things up once in a while, regardless of how long it lasts.