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All-New X-Men #10 Review


Cyclops’ X-Men and Wolverine’s X-Men engage in a battle of words as Cyclops announces his new school for mutants.

The Good

Solid story and build-up here as Cyclops and his team of mutants come to the Jean Grey School for higher learning to announce they have their own school to run, using Charles Xavier’s name. Tension builds between the two teams and someone leaves the Jean Grey School. Over at S.H.I.E.L.D., Maria Hill finds out that Mastermind is using her powers and robbing banks.

This is a pretty slow paced book, but it works. There’s a lot going on here, and a lot that the X-Men have to deal with. These two opposing factions are on the brink of going at it, but remain composed because both factions have something to offer the new mutants of the world: two separate schools for mutants with two different schools of thought. The exchange between current Beast and young Cyclops was a fantastic scene, and a great way to follow up current Cyclops and Beast talking it out. Writer Brian Michael Bendis does a fine job with the dialogue here.

The Maria Hill side-story was a complete hit. She has to deal with the fact that Sabretooth, with Mystique who was disguised as her, went crazy on Rykers. The hunt for Mystique is on and Maria Hill is leading the way. It may be brief, but it left a lasting impression. I like seeing elements outside of the X-World make their way into this book in order to connect the Marvel universe a bit more.

Artist Stuart Immonen does a stellar job on this issue, for the most part. One of the opening scenes is a beautiful splash page featuring, what we are lead to believe, the old-school X-Men and Wolverine jumping into the scene to cause havoc. I love the amount of detail in the piece and the sense of movement here. In addition, colorist Marte Gracia, who is probably the premiere colorist currently working in comics, does a fantastic job on the issue, especially in the scene with Krakoa. Marte fits so many shades of brown seamlessly into this panel. It’s amazing work, as always, by Gracia.

I’ve been won over on Cyclops’ new outfit. It was a bit silly at first, but I came around because well, it’s kind of an awesome design.

The Bad

The ending of this issue had to have been my least favorite ending to a comic this week. It comes off as a really bad daytime soap as “someone” announces they’re leaving and we’re left with the caption “Who will join the Uncanny X-Men? Find out next issue!” (Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel) Ok, so it reads like the ending of an episode of Batman. It’s this great, big build-up to essentially nothing.

What is up with Stuart Immonen drawing Wolverine, in this issue? I love his work, but unmasked Wolverine constantly looks like he’s taking a poop. On top of that, his face looks very puggish. The final panel of this issue makes Wolverine look like very smashed. I don’t know what it is but Wolverine doesn’t look good at all in the issue.

I’ve been back and forth on this issue, but when it comes down to it, it’s a lot of bickering. Sure, there is some solid art here and some good story, but for me, this is the weakest issue in the series thus far.

The Verdict

I liked the issue, but this one didn’t really get me excited. It was cool to see both of these teams, in the same place, not fighting and talking things out (kinda). I really enjoyed the scenes with Beast and the Cyclopes, and I really enjoyed the reaction from younger Cyke when he finds out how the Phoenix Force ended up in the Phoenix Five. The art is great here, but the colors by Gracia Marte really stand out. One of the biggest problems I had was the ending. It was a bit of a buzzkill because nothing happened. Aside from that, Wolverine’s face looked a bit messed up throughout the entire issue. It may not be my favorite issue in this series, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed it.

Overall, I give this a mild recommendation

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Posted By Fenderxx

I Agree about the Ending .... overall I really enjoy the charactor moments in this series, and as the review points out, the Cyclops Beast Scene was great.

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Yup. Lame ending. They already used the "who will leave" hook for this issue...dragging it again is lame, though I guess confirming SOME of the departures was cool. I'm wondering if it's Jean.

I read all the previous issues in a single sitting so I forgot how slowly this book develops as an ongoing. Though with the Hill stuff I guess a lot more happened hear than usually does.

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@fenderxx said:

I Agree about the Ending .... overall I really enjoy the charactor moments in this series, and as the review points out, the Cyclops Beast Scene was great.


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Posted By Ellie_Knightfall

Haven't read this issue (I'm trade-waiting), but I saw one panel from it on tumblr and it made my heart leap with joy. Scott verbally smacking down the self-righteous and hypocritical Beast was something that needed to happen.

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Posted By Fenderxx
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Posted By LiveForever

I know this issue was all talk, but I thought the talk was great. Aside from the usual characters sounding far too Bendis-like and not themselves.

But I actually really liked the "throwback" old school, melodramatic shock with the "find out next time" schtick. I thought it was a very cool touch considering this series centers around the 60s characters!

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

what? really? 3 stars?

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Posted By Kerrigan

Underrated by Comicvine's usual standards: should be a 4. Good dialogue, got to see big Cyke make his argument (something that Uncanny has been oddly lacking), and we see the two different teams establishing their roles.

I agree Wolverine looked awful. Didn't mind the ending at all: had a kind of classic Marvel feel.

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Loved the art here, this was the first time where we get to see where are Scott's eyes really placed behind his new mask and more or less it makes sense despite his vision is a bit obstructed, but at least it makes sense.

I've said this many times, but I love everytime Beast is reminded about how hypocrite he is. I've been disliking this character since he left Utopia on a tantrum (he hates Scott because it was necesary to delay his rescue on the Dark Avengers arc and he was tortured, Steve Rogers made Beast murder millions in an underground city and he was ok with that because it was Steve Rogers and not Scott, so this isn't about disagreeing with Scott's morals) and I miss the times when I used to enjoy reading him a lot. Right now I just enjoy everytime he's proven an hypocrite and that's a pity. The only good thing about him this issue is he looked less "ugly monkey" here, and more beastly but I no longer care too much about him (2 years ago I would've enjoyed him looking better).

I'm a bit disappointed that only the Cuckoos left for the new school, I was expecting some of the mutants from Kyle and Yost run to join too as they have a lot of potential but not in WatXM. Hellion was left with potential for something big and I would love Mercury taking a bit more attention.

My hopes is that whoever is this mysterious character at the end (I think it would be Angel, as he doesn't like what has been happening lately and was mindwiped by Jean last time he tried to use his free will) makes some sort of speech about why it makes sense, and drags even more students with him because that school is going to feel empty as it's right now.

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I have to say I though this was a fantastic issue. Not necessarily because everything was great--although it was a good issue throughout--but because Cyke really got to throw down verbally with all these hypocrites who call him a murderer. He really stood up for himself and I thought it was just plain awesome. He really put Beast in his place. And young Cyke stood up for himself too, saying repeatedly that this was not the same story he heard before, and clearly understanding that being under the influence of the Phoenix made it very different. I was annoyed with even Kitty trying to say that he (young Cyke) was trying to rationalize what happened, when she knows darn well how seductive the Phoenix is. Frankly, Jean (or technically her Phoenix-clone) killed a whole planet, and the X-Men still fought to defend her from the Shi'ar. Cyke kills one guy, albeit someone close to them, and they go bananas as if they never heard of the Phoenix turning anyone crazy before. I was practically yelling out, "yeah!" the whole time there. So I'm officially cheering on Brian Bendis, of all people, as the defender of sanity among the X-Men!

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I think that it is good that not a lot of people are leaving for Scott's school. I like him as much as the next guy but I really don't like him lately, he is just too off the charts. At least it is consistent with people not wanting to go, it shows that they have grown to like the school a bit and that they see that Scott is a bit nuts.

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Posted By sparty-dbq

Sooooo, won't the next issue of Uncanny X-Men pretty much be the same thing that happens here?

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Posted By BlueLantern1995

If I start collecting Marvel this is on my definite must get list. This looks/sounds awesome!

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Warren or Jean

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Posted By JamDamage

I don't know how you people do your ratings but it sucks. Low balling good issues. Giving away 5 stars like nothing. I don't get it.

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Great issue. Cyclops continues to steal all the coolness in any given scene, and the ending was great, but I'm thinking it's going to be Angel.

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Good review Matt! Overall, this has been easily one of my favourite titles to come out Marvel lately but with this issue, it felt slow. The focus on the characters is always fantastic but it felt as if Bendis just kept repeating the same scene over and over, making for an overall uneventful issue.

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I haven't read this issue yet, but one of the things that keeps percolating in my head, is that the main defense for his actions is: "He was right" meaning that he brought back mutants. Okay, that's great if you're a pretty mutant, or have an ability that you really like and enjoy, but what about those like Eye-boy or Shark-Girl, or worse yet: Glob, yeah, their mutations may end up being pretty cool, but wasn't Scott playing a little God at the Russian Roulette (who know's if they're going to be "pretty" or not) when it came to people's lives. Think of it this way, first you're a mutant, then you're not, you get your life half-way together, and then BAM - you are a mutant again. Now, they haven't reconciled whether or not that the mutants that have been brought back were the ones that were unmutated in the first place, and if that isn't the case, can you imagine having your whole life planned and then BAM - it changes. Who is Scott to say, that they now, have a better life (for being a mutant) than they did before, as a human? And then to realize it was because of this one man, that decided upon the fates of others...I have a hard time being on Team Scott with this perspective.

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Who are they kidding we know it's Jean. Unless Bendis is just F-ing with us, and it turns out to be Eyeball-Boy......

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Posted By Teerack

I want it to be Toad, it will probably be Warren but.... what if....

Wolverine And The X-Men #4

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I really liked this issue. It was fun as usual but the dialogue hooked me, I found it really engaging. Beast is such a hypocrite man, I liked their (Scott and Henry) back and forth and just brazen attitude by the Uncanny X-men team showing up was great. This series is great, I liked this alot more than the past two issues. I really dont see why some people dont like this title. As for the ending, I hope its Jean.

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I love that Beast and Cyclopes are the biggest hypocrites out there. They are both selfish characters and I think it is interesting seeing it from both sides. Did Scott stand up to the other saying he wasn't a murderer sure, but in the last uncanny his chat with Magneto makes you wonder. The young X-men are really caught in the middle and it is interesting seeing their reactions.

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Posted By LemmyCaution

I didn't see this as bickering. For once, I appreciated a lot of Bendis-y dialog because just about everything finally got all hashed out. Normally, I've been agreeing with Tony's opinion of this series, but this time, I think this was actually one of the strongest issues. This series continues to surprise me with how much I enjoy it.

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Posted By Queen's Halo

The only thing going for this issue is the art. Other then that it's another crap issue written by someone who should have stopped writing after he f-ed over Wanda. And three stars is way too high for this.

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Arguments to join from the original 5:

- Cyclops: He won't be, because he's seen when the mystery character speaks, and he even gets to say "no". So it's not him.

- Angel: Is a very good candidate because the problems he's had recently with everything that is happening and Jean mind wiping him from having his own opinion and free will.

- Beast: I think this would be delicious, to see the young self of the man who risked reality to bring the young X-Men to the present to stop Cyclops, to join him instead just for the "in your face" moment. Not as probable as Angel, but would be absolutely delicious.

- Jean Grey: Despite the teachers talking about team Scott having a powerful telepath (which is no longer the case, but they don't know, and even if they do now they have the Cuckoos too), Jean might think she can shield her mind and act as a mole while at the same time exploring what happened all this time through old Scott. She shouldn't be able to shield herself against the Cuckoos, but lately she has been written a bit overpowered considering her age so who knows. Not the most probable scenario considering she seems to be the face of the title (despite how young Scott has been the real deal and a true badass :P).

- Iceman: Not really likely, he has been serving as the "pun/jokes" character, he lights the mood around and isn't particularly driven in any direction, he seems to go with the team's flow and just makes jokes every now and then. It wouldn't have as much potential as other characters if he left the team.

Now, it's possible that the original 5 stay together and the misterious character is another student. It wouldn't make sense for young Scott to say "no" as he hasn't developed a relation with any other student yet, but someone like Genesis changing sides would have some shock value.

As I said in a previous comment, I hope whoever changes side makes a good speech and drags even more young students to Scott and Emma's school. I'm hoping for Hellion and Mercury to join him too, this school is feeling empty and WatXM doesn't have enough pannels to develop the great characters from Kyle and Yost run, specially when they use those pannels for some irelevant/pathetic/uninteresting characters (some of them are cool, but most of the main student cast of that book sucks, specially when compared to the Academy-X team).

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Posted By Baberaham_Lincoln

Spoilers i guess?

Anyways.... ANGEL IS OUT OF THE TEAM!!!! (my guess)

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Posted By hyenascar

My hope is a certain Jean joins, which convinces several others to join.

Is there any way Krakoa opens up and swallows Kitty, Wolverine, and Beast, who are never to be seen again.

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Posted By tximinoman

Yes, the last panel was a bit lame but 3/5? c'mon it was a great issue! It's at least a 4/5

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Posted By midgard2

@apatheticavenger: They are stealing money to make a school similar to Wolverines school, but it teaches them to use their powers for what they want and not what people want them to be.

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Posted By jkma68

This book continues to be one of my favorites from the Marvel NOW team. I know some people complain about Bendis' pacing of the story, but I feel like it keeps it consistent and engaging. I feel like the interactions between the original 5 and the current characters are completely plausible and extremely well written. And I know some people are knocking the art...but I think it just adds another level to the characters because you can almost see what they're thinking. I'm pretty sure an illiterate person would know what was going on and know how everyone in the book feels about it.

That being said...can someone please explain to me how Sabertooth is still around? The last I knew Wolverine chopped his head off with the one sword that had the power to make it permanent. I know this was a long time ago, but I never caught his come back. Feel free to message me if you have the time and knowledge to help me out.

p.s. my vote is that young Angel joins "old" Cyclop's team under amped up young Jean's influence.

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Wow Immonen is much better at the new costumes than Bachalo (personal opinion). I actually like looking at them now. (Gracia's amazing colors help as well).

I wonder if this tenth issue will "need" UXM 4 to be better, if that makes sense. We'll see next week

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@teerack: Yeah, 'Angle' has been a bit obtuse as of late. *bah dum tisss*

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Posted By Teerack

@x_titans said:

@teerack: Yeah, 'Angle' has been a bit obtuse as of late. *bah dum tisss*

In hind site I should probably turn the spoiler tag on after i write it out :P

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Still curious to see what Bendis does next with the original X-Men.

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

This was another awesome Issue

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Please make it be Doop...

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I liked the issue overall.

One thing that's always bugged me about Bendis though is some characters he writes out of character. I notice it alot with Emma and Magik in this book and Uncanny X-men. His Emma is improving, but Magik still says things way out of her character ( at least to me). Wolverine too seems to be written oddly in this book. SHIELD calls at a bad time and he says "Uh-oh"? Not a really Logan thing to say. I'm probably being too nitpicky. It just sounds off to me in my head.

As for who leaves I'm thinking it's Jean. I don't really get why people think it's Angel, but I won't rule it out. It's kinda hinted as Jean when they are discussing the matter and Jean is watching young Scott from the window. Jean is also right behind everyone when they do the big turnaround for the cliffhanger. Then again so is Angel and young Iceman, so I guess that doesn't prove much. It's obviously not young Scott though as he says that no one else wants to follow Older Scott right before being interrupted by the mystery person. Also I don't think it's anyone from the main cast of Wolverine and the X-men (Quentin, Genesis, Rockslide, Anole, Etc). Wouldn't they do that in the actual WatX book then? Just an assumption.

Also what's become of people like Surge and Mercury? I haven't seen them in anything lately.

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Posted By gotwillpower

Best part about this issue was probably the art, and the Krakoa moment. But Wolverine's face...and the weird expressions at the end...were bad.

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I'm betting it's that stupid Young Jean. With all her "I will not respect anyone's mind privacy" mentality, I think she will attempt to stupidly take matters into her own hands again and give ethics the finger once again.

Anyway, I love how Beast is getting shut up every time and all his arguments are now becoming logical fallacies. Take that "genius"! Your self-righteousness is being used to slap you in the face!

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I really just want to see Jean beat the shit out of Emma...and maybe Magik too. Those two annoy me to no end.

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Yeah, I agree with the art. The art is beautiful but what happened with wolvie's face? As if it was smashed by something and worse, he looked like a gorilla!!

The story was solid, many things are happening with the shield solving for lady mastermind escapes and jean trying to probe older scott's team and to scott visiting JGSH. The ending was a big cliffhanger, as if we watch a weekly noontime show. I really thought many of their students will come with scott's team, it was disappointing. I really hope they will continue this issue with uncanny xmen issue #4.

And my bet for who's coming with scott is either Jean or Warren.

But 80% of my vote goes to Jean, Wolvie was trying to take the opportunity to spy for Scott's plan. And just look at Wolvierine's reaction at the last page. It was epic.

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Posted By jojobinks70

I agree that Wolverine's face was drawn totally whack. Really bothered me, it was horrible.

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I hope there is some big plan to why Mystique wants all thsi money, because reducing her character to a basic bank robber just feels wrong