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Action Comics #20 - Hybrid, Part 2; World of Krypton, Part 1: Discovery Review


Lex Luthor has unleashed his latest attack against Superman. Things aren't looking to good for our hero. There's also a back up on the early days of Jor-El.

The Good

The story continues to take place 'one year ago.' It's great seeing this version of Lex Luthor. The younger version we saw previously in this series just didn't have the right feel. While Lex has some incredible resources added to his arsenal since the original 'five years ago' time period, he has more of the feel that we're used to and expect.

Dr. Shay Veritas plays an important role in this issue. Introduced in SUPERMAN #13, we get to see a little more of what she's capable of.

A common complaint about Superman is he's too powerful. Due to what happened last issue, we do see his power slightly diminished. This allows us to see him handle the situation in a different manner as well as needed the help of others.

Tony Daniel's art is great to see. His version of Superman just looks so right. Whether he's simply hovering during a conversation with his cape flowing or throwing punches at a huge threat, this is what Superman is supposed to look like.

There's a back up I wasn't aware of showing a younger Jor-El in action as well with a story by Scott Lobdell and art by Philip Tan.

The Bad

When Veritas was first seen, we had no idea who she was. We still don't know despite this story taking place a year ago. It could just be a matter of letting the story unfold but with the amount of resources she has available, it's a bit of a stretch, even for a comic book. Having the ability to teleport to another galaxy seems like a pretty big deal for the setting of the DC Universe.

In the back up story, there is a tiny revelation about Jax-Ur, the first Kryptonian to be imprisoned (later) in the Phantom Zone. It's a casual mention but felt like a big deal considering it's something that hasn't been mentioned before.

The Verdict

The second part in the Andy Diggle/Tony Daniel run continues with a great deal of action and suspense. Taking place one year ago from the current continuity, we get to see more of what defines Superman as well as Lex Luthor. I can't say I was a fan of his portrayal previously but now he seems back on track as the evil slimy guy we love to hate. We also get to see more on Shay Veritas, the mysterious woman first seen in SUPERMAN 13. If this wasn't enough, there's a back up story by Scott Lobdell and Philip Tan that starts a new story dealing with a younger Jor-El on Krypton. I wasn't completely crazy about the situation Superman has to deal with but the story still moves at a nice pace and the art is worth checking out. It's great seeing Superman done the right way.

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Superman and Action comics both have amazing art in my opinion. Grant Morrison did a great job with his run, have been pretty impressed with Diggle also. I agree with commenters, keep him powerful!

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the art is amazing and im loving the story i think im liking action comics better than superman on certain things

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@shallbecomeabattoo: I guess patriotic was the wrong word to use. Ideal, symbolic... those seem like better adjectives.

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space jellysandwichcat, likes lex very much.

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i really dislike the notion of Superman being overtly patriotic, because that implies that he is a hero only for america. I like him more as a hero for the whole world. Sure he is american and loves his country, but that shouldn't be in the top ten of his most defining traits. Then again, I am saying that as an european comic reader.

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@the_vein, @onemoreposter, It still holds. Creating tension by de-powering Kal-El is just lame. It just is. I'm not saying it's a horrible story but maybe there was a better one that didn't involve taking away what makes Superman super, even if for just three pages.

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@onemoreposter: He was only depowered for like three pages, it wasn't a big deal.

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Ugh, how come no one's reviewed The Movement yet??

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When you have to depower Superman to write him....'re doing it wrong.....

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i liked the back up!
the main story was nothing great or memorable lets be honest.but it was ok
Anyway i am cutting AC out of my pull list until DC hires a stable and good creative team.

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@hawkguy said:

My one complaint with this run, and the reason I dislike it, is the lack of personality in Superman's character. I just don't see the patriotic, powerful yet human character that he should be.

Aside from that, I LOVE the art by Daniel! Great work!

QFT Daniel's art is GORGEOUS. Best art on any version of Superman in the New 52.

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My one complaint with this run, and the reason I dislike it, is the lack of personality in Superman's character. I just don't see the patriotic, powerful yet human character that he should be.

Aside from that, I LOVE the art by Daniel! Great work!