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The Revenge Syndicate was a short-lived supervillain team who appeared in only one issue of Bulletman. It's members include The Weeper, The Murder Prophet, and Black Rat. These villains met at an abandoned shack to discuss plans on how to finally kill Bulletman and Bulletgirl. They originally argued over who should be chief, but came to their conclusion after rolling a pair of dice. The three villains each fooled Bulletman and Bulletgirl into their headquarters, where they tied them up and beat them. Just as they were going to land their final blow, a radio from their shack short-circuited and caused a massive fire. Bulletman and Bulletgirl were able to escape, but unfortunately the three villains did not. All were caught in the flames and killed. They have yet to appear again, although it was later revealed that The Weeper had a son who took up his late father's mantle as The Weeper II.

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