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Marvel UK title reprinting Marvel US Star Wars and related stories.

Free gift: Zoids pull-out four page comic

Cover: Walter Simonson (reprinting the cover from Star Wars issue 62)

  • Cyril - The Adventures of an Editor-Droid! (art: John Ridgway)
  • Star Wars - First Strike (part 2 of 6 - reprinting Star Wars issue 100) (Jo Duffy - Cynthia Martin/Art Nichols and Sam De La Rosa)
  • Power Pack - Reckoning (part 1 of 4 - reprinting Power Pack issue 15) (Louise Simonson - June Brigman/Bob Wiacek)
  • Star Wars - Pariah (part 2 of 4 - reprinting Star Wars issue 62) (David Michelinie - Walter Simonson/Tom Palmer)
  • Papilio - Water of Light (part 1 of 2 - reprint from Le Journal de Tintin) (Michel Pierret)

Zoids four page centrespread pull-out comic

  • Zoids (part 2) (script/pencils: Steve Parkhouse - inks: John Aldrich - colours: John Higgins - editor: Alan McKenzie)

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