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Republic Commandos are the most elite teams of clones in the Grand Army of the Republic second only to the A.R.C Troopers (Advanced Recon Commandos), and even then they are still almost even. they are known to survive situations that would be suicide missions for even ARC Troopers. There are a variety of RC Units, best known being Delta, Omega, and Theta Sqaudrons.

The Begining

The Republic Commandos were made because the Kaminoans needed an elite team. The A.R.C troopers were to independent which was great to survive but bad when following orders. So the Commandos were made. They were picked out when they were still babys in there bacta tanks. They were picked out as ordinary clones but left deadly soldiers.

They were personally trained by Jango Fett and recieved special armor and equipment.

They are put into pods or squads of four. That squad becomes is there life. Teamwork is a special part of a commandos life. Because according to Fett: "Your team is the only thing standing between you and getting killed out in the field. The Republic Commandos were a huge success and saw combat in the Battle of Genosis.

Armor and Equipment

Commando Armor and Equipment.
Commando Armor and Equipment.

The squad usually consisted of a team leader, a sniper, a demolition, and a technician.

The Commando was equipped with a DC-17m combat rifle. This gun can be easily transformed into a sniper rifle or anti armor weapon with a few modifications. There armor is made of Katan class armor.

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