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Major Story Arcs

Albert & Elsie Dee

Beaten up by Wolverine.
Beaten up by Wolverine.

Reno and his buddy Molokai, along with Jocko, helped their boss Sally try to track down Wolverine when his robotic double, Albert, was robbing Sally's casinos to get Wolverine's attention. Nero obediently followed Sally's orders, only to wind up getting beat up by Wolverine, washed away in a tidal wave by Storm, and arrested after helping Albert save his partner Elsie Dee. Albert later broke Nero and the rest of Sally's gang out of prison though, leaving them to pick up the pieces of what remained of Sally's illicit business network.

Jubilee's Revenge

Years ago, Reno and Molokai were hired by Hunter Brawn to kill a Dr. Lee and his wife in Beverly Hills, making it look like a car accident to avoid suspicion, and killing the parents of future X-Men Jubilee.

Jubilee's revenge.
Jubilee's revenge.

After getting caught in an unstable time vortex, Jubilee saw this terrible scene play out, confirming that her parents' car accident was no accident, something she'd suspected for years. With Wolverine having dealt with Molokai and Reno before, he was able to help Jubilee track them down for her to exact her revenge on them. The young X-Men made short work of the two thugs, beating them into unconsciousness quite easily. Jubilee was out for blood however, and so Wolverine advised her that she could even use her powers to give the two thugs a stroke, an untraceable act of murder. Wolverine also asked Jubilee if she was ready to live with the deaths of these two scumbags on her conscience. In the end, Jubilee decided to be merciful, and gave each thug a swift kick to the crotch. She wondered if this made her weak, but Wolverine assured her that it was quite the opposite.

Reno and Molokai most likely went back to their bumbling, criminal ways, albeit with some severely bruised... "egos."

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